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Get Colored Grout Sealer for a New Appearance

Grout Color Sealer Being Applied

Grout color sealer is a topical coating applied to your grout to give it an all-new appearance. The sealer acts as a protector to make products repel and bead to the top of the surface.

There are many different grout color sealer manufacturers however, they all practically do the same thing. The Grout color sealer is topical (painted over existing grout) and in time will peel and uplift.  

There is a large number of folks that are applying color sealer to unneeded areas. In other words, grout color sealer should only be considered in the following situations:

Permanently Discolored Grout

Permanently Discolored Grout

Discolored grout may seem irreversible, however, only after a thorough evaluation and cleaning by a professional tile and grout cleaning service can it be determined if the grout can be restored to 85-95% of its original appearance. If not, a color-sealing solution may be necessary. Wait for 72 hours before evaluating if the grout color has improved.

Tile and Grout Above/Below the 3 Floors

Tile and Grout Above Below 3 Floors

In areas that are difficult to access, such as condo buildings, hi-rise towers, or deep shopping malls, color-sealing grout may be the final option. The truck-mounted tile and grout cleaning service is considered the best solution for restoring tile and grout to their original condition, as portable equipment is used for areas that are not easily accessible. However, the results from portable equipment in the 21st century may not be as effective as those from a truck mount, and the grout may not look as new as it would with the truck-mounted cleaning service.


How long will my freshly painted color grout sealer last?

A color sealing business will tell you up to 10 years, however, what happens when the grout gets dirty again (within 1 year)? 

Color Sealer is a coating, not a penetrating sealer…

Your colored grout will get as dirty as unpainted grout and will require grout cleaning just like a colored sealer. A professional tile and grout cleaning service will be needed, and a grout color sealer can uplift/peel. Now what? 

Peeling uplifting Color Sealer

What is the best Grout Color Sealer as well as the Applicator?

The best I have tried is Turbo Seal. This product adheres and spreads wonderfully on the grout joints and uses a specially designed applicator that makes it simpler to apply and wipe off.

Can I apply Color Sealer Myself?

Yes. However, your floors should be cleaned by a professional first. You will need a high alkaline wash, then an acid washes to etch the grout. Then get down on your hands and knees and go at it grout line by grout line. A knee-moving rolling device is recommended.

How Much is Grout Color Sealing Service?

Great question! It’s about 2 things when you hire a professional service. What is the color sealer used, and how much for the tedious painting of your grout? For the entire service with proper cleaning, $2.50 a square foot and up. 1000 square feet $2500.00 for the terrible back-breaking work.

Can I change my existing Grout to any Color?

Yes! Believe it on not you could have existing tan-colored grout to any color under the rainbow! If and when you do choose the color, I would suggest the closest color to your existing grout. Makes the color sealer blend better! Fewer coats of grout color sealer will be applied. 

any color under the rainbow

What is the warranty/guarntee for service?

Grout color sealing companies that are reputable typically offer a warranty of one year or more for peeling and uplifting. Additionally, they often provide an extra bottle of color sealer upon completion of the service, which is not a common practice. However, it’s important to note that many businesses offering grout color sealing may not be reliable and may not be available for future support. It’s advisable to research and choose a company that offers a detailed warranty in writing to ensure quality and long-term support.

Final Thoughts and First Steps

It is recommended to seek the services of a professional tile and grout cleaning service, rather than a carpet cleaning company, plumber, painter, tile installer, or any other type of service provider. This is because a tile and grout cleaning service is specifically equipped to handle tile and grout cleaning effectively and offers options for discolored grout, allowing the homeowner to make informed decisions.

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