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Color Sealing Facts

Color Sealing Facts

As a professional tile and grout cleaning service located in Las Vegas, NV, I see a lot of grout in both residential homes and commercial settings. I will address the 10 most important. Color sealing or AKA “grout painting” is a way to change the color of “grout” by literally painting grout lines one by one to any color under the rainbow you desire.

Color Sealer is a specially made product/coating that is manufactured by a chemical producer and is growing rapidly.

Color sealing in almost every way is a “topical coating.” Color Sealer can be accomplished as a “do it yourself” job, or hiring a professional service. This is where it gets tricky. Professional color sealers range from people who come over with a bucket, paintbrush, bottle, color sealer, acid, rags, knee pads, and whatever else will make their job easier. Or, professional service which is licensed and insured for the job, a “warranty”, and a guy with potential tile and grout cleaning machinery, and some experience to none based on the reputation of that company…There are also “middlemen” as these people could range from handymen to carpet cleaners. Middlemen collect a fee from the boss as in a commission or as a percentage of the sale…

Fact 1

Using a color sealer does not keep your grout and cleaner than a clear sealer. Have you ever had family in your home with pets, and within a small period of time, the grout gets dirtier and dirtier from bare feet, shoes, improper cleaning chemicals, pets, and more…Grout and tile need periodic maintenance both from homeowners and professional tile and grout cleaning services.

Fact 2

In order for the color sealer to “potentially work” grout must be etched with a (safe, and designed for indoors) acid-based chemical.

Fact 3

The grout color sealer will peel, or uplift in all or some parts over a period of time (pending on who did the job). Especially in heavier traveled areas like walkways to the laundry room and garage, kitchen, and front entrances.

Fact 4

What is the product? Most don’t tell. They may be using something other than “color sealer” like paint…In other words “topical” or “lays on top…”

Fact 5

The best possible place for color sealer where it’s a “good idea” is any decorative area (where people really don’t walk) or above 3-4 floors where professional tile and grout cleaning equipment can’t reach. Or, permanently discolored grout.

Fact 6

If a color sealer is your choice, pick the color closest to the original color. Not white to burgundy, white to a different shade of white is more like it…You won’t see the underlying color, especially with the shades open…

Fact 7

The home you’re about to buy (resale) may be color sealed…Call a professional tile and grout cleaning service, have them evaluate what they see, and in turn, they can earn your business, either way, to give tips and/or clean and seal the floors fresh even if they look “clean”…Always have floors cleaned and sealed (clear) no matter what before moving you and your family in…

Fact 8

Damaged (uplifting) color-sealed floors aren’t easy to fix. Ok, you can have an extra color sealer, or know the brand…However, bet you the color is a different shade, or won’t adhere…Hmmm…Problem…You, of course, could just keep cleaning it with professional service and over time the color sealer will uplift…Hmmm…How about digging the grout with a perforated tool…Time-consuming and LABOR…Just a few solutions to real issues of what to do…

Fact 9

Is one color sealing product better than another…The answer could be yes and no…Try cleaning and clear sealing the floor first, then talk to a professional tile and grout cleaning service, and not the guy down at Lowe’s or a “tile setter”. Nine times out of ten your grout was just filthy from pre-existing chemical build-up and grease and grime.

Fact 10

Grout comes in (2) common types, sanded or unsanded. Sanded grout is the only potential chance for the paint to actually have a chance with as it is “somewhat” porous…Unsanded grout like found in shower stalls, kitchen counters, or natural stone grout lines like (travertine) don’t work…It just doesn’t!

With all the facts discussed here in this blog, there is even still more to learn. Two things to be certain of is that grout will get dirty, and color sealer is a “topical product” not absorbed into the grout For much more information, and or an experienced owner-operated professional tile and grout cleaning plus sealing service visit me in Las Vegas, NV @ Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning TODAY! I love to earn your business respectfully! I like to have friends, not enemies…

Grout Recoloring and Sealing

When your grout recoloring and sealing project begins, keep in mind your grout will be layered with one grout color that has grout sealer already included. The grout color sealer you choose is the same as a “clear sealer” with color. This grout color sealer will be painted on with special brushes making it easier to be applied evenly with no overlapping onto tiled surfaces.

The Cost to Color Grout

Professional service is recommended when you choose color sealing, as experience in choosing the right products and tools will determine the cost to color grout. The process of applying a color sealer is grout line by grout line and is painful on your back and hands and knees. Expect to pay $1 to $2.50 a square foot.

Bonus Help

Try a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service first, probably will solve all your discoloring grout. I wish you, folks, the best of luck!

YouTube Video Explanation of Color Sealing