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Grout Color Sealer. Tired of Discolored Grout?

If you’re seeking to fix discolored grout lines and achieve a consistent look, the ideal solution might be a grout color sealer. This technique will restore the color of your grout and rejuvenate its appearance to a like-new state! Additionally, you can alter the color of your grout lines using this method.


Grout Color Sealer may be a great idea

Color sealer is a topical product that when prepared and applied properly can make a huge difference for grout lines that have become discolored.

How the Grout Color Seal Service  Process Works

The type of grout that color sealer adheres to best is sanded. Sanded grout is the typical material used to grout tile joints. Ceramic and porcelain tiles with a  1/8″  grout joint or less cannot be color sealed. The other issue is uneven grout depth, where grout line depth is even with the tile.

Sealer works best on lines that are uniform in width. It is always best to schedule an estimate or take a picture to text, to reassure you have the right grout.

If your grout has been previously color sealed, it may or may not have to be removed before the new grout color sealer service. A physical inspection will be needed to determine this.

Grout color can be any color under the rainbow, however, I will always suggest picking the color closest to your original color.  A grout color chart may be found at places like Home Depot.

Tile and grout cleaning service must be performed first before ANY grout color sealer is applied! The only exceptions would be for people who request service for new homes or new tile installs.

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Benefits of Coloring Sealing your Grout

Waterproof and stain-proof.

Rid of discolored uneven grout.

Consistent 1-color appearance.

More grout color sealing information is here!