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Grout Recoloring

Attain a consistent and even recoloring of your grout by choosing any shade from the entire spectrum of colors. This technique is commonly known as grout color sealing, grout repainting, grout sealing, or painting grout.

For those facing unappealing stains or uneven coloring, grout recoloring offers an ideal solution. This method can lead to more easily maintained grout, reducing the need for frequent professional cleaning.

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Most Answers to why People are Recoloring Their Grout

You have been on your hands and knees trying to return the grout back to the color it was when first laid. 

You hired a professional tile and grout cleaning service to clean your tile and grout to find out if your grout joints are 2 shades darker or lighter. 

Grout is discolored from Clorox, vinegar, Fabuloso, Lysol, and more chemicals.

You applied a coating or film with the use of products like Rejuvenate, Quik Shine, Swiffer, and more.

Wasn’t the color of the grout when first promised by tile installers?

Remodeling a home where the colors don’t match anymore.

Fading and etching of grout are eyesores.

A regrout was performed with a totally different grout color.

You just bought a new home and hate the grout color! (Perfect time to recolor!)

Benefits of Grout Recoloring

Even one color appearance. 

Stains, grease, and grime remain on top of the grout creating repelling and beading of products that are on the tile and grout.

Most grout recolor jobs result in an “all-new fresh remodeled look…”

Easy Care, Easy Maintenance

Avoid tear-out of flooring, especially when the tiles are still relevant.

Safe indoor products for family and pets.

A long-lasting solution to constant “dirty grout”.

“Matching” or “changing” of grout color.

Where can Color Sealer Be Applied?

Where color sealer can be added

Residential Homes (Kitchens, entrances, bathrooms, foyers, laundry rooms).

Commercial storefronts (Restaurants, Gas Stations, Connivance Stores, Office Buildings, medical offices, and more)

Sanded Grout! Un-sanded grout is not a solution for grout recoloring. (Shower stalls, Natural Stone)

Questions About Grout Recoloring

How long does it take to recolor my existing grout?

Grout recoloring in most cases require a professional tile and grout cleaning service first with both an alkaline wash and then a safe indoor acid wash. Grout recoloring is the next step and usually takes 2-4 hours every 500 square feet.

How long does grout color last?

Grout recoloring lasts up to 15-20 years if maintained with proper cleaning methods and annual professional service.

What materials are these most popular for?

When it comes to grout recoloring services, porcelain and ceramic tiles (man-made materials) are prime candidates. These materials feature impeccable grout lines comprised of sanded grout, typically with ⅜” grout joints.

Is there a standard grout joint width?

Grout Width is Important to accept Color Seal

⅜” is most common, but some grout joints thinner and thicker are definitely possible. An on-site identification will be necessary either way.

How is the grout recolor sealer applied?

The grout color sealer is applied with brushes and apparatuses designed for color application grout line by grout line. Yes, manual labor!

How long does it take for the recoloring to dry?

The grout takes approximately 1 week to dry. Stay away from any cleaning with any product until 7 days.

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