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Grout Color Sealing can be a Bad Idea?

Grout color sealing is a coating that covers existing grout in any color. Color sealing grout is a temporary solution to a very difficult unseen problem. Color sealer is produced by many manufacturers with very similar makeup. Ultimately their goal is to convince you as a “consumer” that your grout can be changed to any color as well as make it easier to keep clean.

Grout Color Sealing Gone Bad

Here’s what they don’t tell you:

It uplifts/peels over time.

It gets as dirty as regular grout just as fast as original grout.

It’s a topical coating and a non-penetrating chemical. (Lays on Top)

Does not adhere to unsanded grout! No shower stalls.

What if you recently purchase a home with Grout that’s been color sealed?

Very good question? Most incoming homeowners aren’t even aware of any issues of grout color sealing, however, they do realize they have what appears as dirty, grimy grout…Then I show up and notice as my tile and grout cleaning service begins, an underlying color (original grout color) and an overlying color that is either peeling or flaking off the top of the surface. Sometimes it can be noticed prior to any service begins, however, it’s quite unpredictable what former homeowners do prior to you owning the home. If you are an existing homeowner and you are well aware of what’s happening, and you know the company who laid it, try calling them back for solutions they guaranteed…(Most likely they are out of business, and don’t answer the phone…)

What can be done if color sealing exists prior to you even knowing it was applied?

Deal with the color-sealed floors the way they are and let the product slowly peel off over time. (Best Idea!)

Re-Color it! (The colors will never match, and who knows what product it was…) Bad Idea!

Use a perforated edged tool or like a power tool and skim the surface a 1/32″…Dirty and Labor Intensive…

Apply muriatic acid or like and watch it disintegrate…Just NO!

Dig out all the grout and re-grout…Possible, labor-intensive, as well as construction mess…

Where is Color Sealing Grout a good idea?

Above 3 floors where professional machinery isn’t effective in cleaning tile and grout.

Decorative Areas (The rooms where people aren’t walking in)

Vertical Surfaces. Particularly walls. Not Shower Stall Walls! 

Permanently Discolored Grout! Yes, people use Clorox and vinegar!

In 20+ years of professional tile and grout cleaning business, color sealing is not a service I recommend or endorse as I believe the best possible solution would be professional tile and grout cleaning plus clear sealing only. Typical results are 85-95% back to their original condition when first laid. Different areas in the country are historic versus “newer” fresher surfaces. It is best to call a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Company first for an evaluation of your home or business today! Read more about grout color sealing and a lot more information at our website today! Here’s a Color Sealer Manufacturer I would recommend if I was to apply! They have been in business for many years, and they stand by their warranty…(They just don’t do the work)

Color Sealing Professional’s Arguments

Folks who are color sealing every day, are accusing tile and grout cleaning professionals of blasting “grout” and in turn, removing “color sealer” from the surface of the grout…

Tile and grout cleaning professionals use indoor safe tile and grout tools (turbo-hybrid) that are designed to remove filthy dirty tile and grout.

The fact of the matter is most of the folks/businesses who color seal are simply trying to make a sale in order to sell their service to folks who really don’t need it, to begin with. Your first step to determining whether grout color sealing service is a good idea, try cleaning with professional tools first…

Color sealed grout will get as dirty as natural grout and will require the same alkaline chemicals to remove grease and grime period (usually within 1 year in a family household). Again, grout color sealer is “topical” not penetrating…Clearwater-based sealer is the best sealing product.

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  1. Absolutly Spot on. I avoid Color sealed grout.Sometime i notice it if i ask a pre-customer to send me a picture and i can see it’s color sealed .Save me a trip just to dwcline a job.Technology 😁