Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning Your Ceramic Tile and Grout is a Must!

Ceramic tile and grout cleaning can be a difficult task for most homeowners or businesses. Despite the durability of the material, the grout gets dirty fast. Several reasons for the grimy tile and grout are the everyday use of improper chemicals, wrong apparatus, footwear, and traffic.

To get a fresh start, hire a professional who knows tile and grout and how to return it back to like new. Fast!

Ceramic Tile Cleans up Fast with Professional Service

Most ceramic tile and grout cleaning floors clean up in less than 1.5 hours set up to break down (average 1000 square feet). Professional service includes a powerful technologically advanced machine designed for indoor tile and grout cleaning. This machine is a must for producing hot steam and suction. You can read more about my cleaning process here.

How to keep Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaner

The first step to ceramic tile cleaning is to have professional service to return your tile and grout back to like-new as it can get it. Most results are from 85-95% back to their original condition. Secondly, start off fresh by using the proper chemicals and cleaning apparatuses. And last but not least have socks on your feet and no bare feet or shoes.

What are the Products to Maintain Ceramic Tile and Grout?

Microfiber Padded Mop

The Absolute Best cleaning apparatus for tile and grout cleaning. This device will last for many years. (I do not make anything for this recommendation)

Blue Dawn Dish Soap

Yes, blue dawn! Consumer Reports insist it’s the best! I am a believer as well! Great degreaser! No film build-up!

Socks (Cotton)

If you are using any other footwear than cotton socks, bare feet included, your floors will get filthier faster guaranteed. The best all-around product would be cotton (tube-like) socks.

Ceramic Tile and Grout and Pets

Pet owners with dogs and cats and other animals will suffer from even faster dirty ceramic tile and grout. Yes, we love our pets and must “live the life we live and love the life we live.” If your dog or cat has an accident, keep clean towels under the sink or nearby along with a solution mix of blue dawn and water in a trigger bottle and clean up mess fast.

Allowing any poop, pee, puke, and more to sit longer than 1 day or more can and in most cases discolor your grout, and in extreme cases stain your tile!

When it comes to ceramic tile and grout cleaning, the best idea is to have regular periodic service from a professional tile and grout cleaning service and try to adhere to the advice above. After 20 years, I see the same problems in almost every home on every type of material. Your ceramic tile and grout is a maintenance item.


Amazing Service

Michael Cleaned my tile on 9/7
Amazing service. When we meet 2 days prior he came ready to do the job for me. I had to reschedule, but he was on time clean and had great customer service. When we first meet, he walked the area, explained the time frame and job, discussed price. He was great with communication, calling an hour before arriving, letting me know when he was finishing up. Went over aftercare for the day and upcoming weeks as well.
I couldn’t have asked for a better company.

Michael and his daughter did all the work, left the place cleaner than it was when they arrived, just the sort of service I shouldn’t be shocked by, but still, get shocked by when it happens.
I highly recommend Michael for any job. And the tile, I wish I took before and after, lucky for me Michael did. The floors are night and day in terms of how clean he got all my grout and tile, it is amazing, and I didn’t think my tile could get that clean. Michael D. Yelp

Thoroughly Explained

We had a hard time finding someone to clean our Mexican Tile. Michael readily accepted the job with a preliminary quote over the phone and again in person before he started his work. He was kind enough to send an appointment reminder and to call to confirm an hour prior to arriving. Upon arrival, He thoroughly explained his cleaning process and followed up with an explanation of how to best maintain the floors on our own.

Our tile looks incredible and I feel like I now have the tools to keep it that way. We will definitely call Michael again when we need a deep clean. He was the consummate professional. Nicole R. Yelp

Completed Job in 90 Minutes

Recently had a home remodel done which included beautiful white tile. The contractor got a little sloppy failing to clean grout of several planks of tile. Called Mike on Friday evening, he came out on Saturday morning, gave me an estimate and completed the job in about 90 minutes. The tile looks great! Quite a relief. This guy is the best Evan P. Yelp

Check out this Youtube Video Demo residential ceramic tile and grout cleaning job!