Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process (Step by Step)

Cleaning Process in your Home

  1. My cleaning process begins with my initial inspection of your project, then I carefully apply safe alkaline-based chemicals on your flooring project to help emulsify and “uplift” soils (grease and grime).  
  2. Manual brushing both by “pole” brushes and “hands and knees” brushing is required.   Immediately followed by my  “Turbo Tile Cleaning Tool” attached to two hoses which vacuum and steam from our fire-breathing truck mount located in our truck usually parked outside closest as we can get to your front door. Our High Powered Machinery (designed specifically for tile and grout cleaning) is stationary inside our truck. Typically up to 300 feet, which covers 1/2 rooms/floors  If need to be, I can set up and break down into two separate areas (applicable to large homes over 6000 square feet).
  3. I will start in the deepest part of your house and work my way out to where ever I entered. I am very careful of edges and corners.
  4. As this process is completed, tile and grout will return to their near original condition as seen when first laid.
  5. When the floor completely dries, a water-based sealer (DuPont) is applied to help future spills and stains stay on top (bead/repel) of both the tile and the grout. The water-based sealer will not change the composition of your tile or grout and will appear natural with no haze, smear, or film. This protects your investment for years to come.

My Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

This is a complete and thorough procedure as I am very confident about what homeowners and businesses expect. My job is to create a “Night and Day Difference.”

Equipment, Tile Cleaning Tool, and Chemicals
Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Tools

Ready for your dirty tile and grout with the best tile and grout cleaning tools money can buy! I am ready for your project today!

Effective Indoor Floor Cleaning Tool

Every job requires this amazing cleaning tool (Turbo Hybrid) to return your floors to “like new” and utilizes (3) key functions: Hot Steam, Suction, and Pressure. #1 Rated professional tool for tile and grout cleaning.

This machine (Hydramaster CDS 4.8) is the most powerful tile and grout cleaning machine in the industry. It is key as the power plant for all necessary attachments (tools) entering your home or place of business.

Professional tile and grout cleaning tools carried to your job! Fully equipped for all hard surface tile and grout cleaning and sealing.

Watch 5 Steps of My Tile and Grout Cleaning Process Explained

DuPont’s StonePro alkaline cleaners and stone sealers are the preferred brands of use for Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning. Other high-alkaline chemicals and water-based sealers are used periodically to get the job done for effectiveness and efficiency. NO dangerous acids are used. Only products that are indoor-safe, and green, are used at all times.