Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process (Step by Step)

Tile and Grout Cleaning Truckmounted Unit

Truck-mounted tile and grout cleaning is an effective efficient and powerful method to restore the beauty of tile surfaces. The Turboforce TH 40 Tile Cleaning Tool (see photo below) is a valuable component of this process. Here’s an overview of the truck-mounted tile and grout cleaning process using the Turboforce TH 40:

  • Preparation:

    • The process begins with a thorough inspection of the tile and grout to assess the level of dirt and staining.
    • The cleaning professional prepares the Turboforce TH 40 tool, which is connected to the truck-mounted cleaning system, ensuring a continuous supply of hot water and high-pressure steam.
  • Pre-Treatment:

    • A specially formulated tile and grout cleaning solution is applied to the surface, allowing it to dwell and loosen dirt and grime. This solution is eco-friendly and safe for both tiles and grout.
  • Agitation:

    • The Turboforce TH 40 tool features high-pressure jets that agitate the tile and grout. Its rotating head and hot steam effectively scrub away dirt, grease, and stains. In addition to pole nylon brushes are utilized as well to aid in loosening stubborn ugly, and discolored grout.
  • Steam and Extraction:

    • The truck-mounted system produces high-pressure steam, which is delivered through the Turboforce TH 40. This steam deeply cleans the tile and grout, killing bacteria and dissolving stains.
    • Simultaneously, a powerful vacuum extracts the loosened dirt and excess moisture, leaving the surfaces almost dry.
  • Rinse and Neutralization:

    • The cleaning solution and remaining residue are thoroughly rinsed from the tile and grout. The Turboforce TH 40 ensures complete removal. The tool sends water to a recovery tank located in the van.
  • Sealing :

    • To prolong the cleanliness of the tile and grout, a water-based sealing agent will be applied to prevent future staining and protect the surfaces.

In summary, the truck-mounted tile and grout cleaning process with the Turboforce TH 40 Tile Cleaning Tool combines powerful mechanical cleaning, high-pressure steam, and efficient extraction to rejuvenate tile and grout surfaces. This method is suitable for residential and commercial applications, ensuring a deep clean and a fresh look. It is the most advanced tile and grout cleaning method in the industry. Nothing comes close.