Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Porcelain Tile and Grout Cleaning

Porcelain Tile and Grout is Las Vegas, NV Most Popular Tile Cleaned

Porcelain tile and grout cleaning in Las Vegas, NV is a service where your filthy tile and grout are returned back to like-new by the use of indoor/safe machinery. Porcelain tile is the number one most widely used material seen in Las Vegas, NV. This tile imitates the beauty of natural stone not only by its appearance but “by touch and texture” as well. Perfect for family residential homes due to its nearly unbreakable surfaces, and material that won’t stain or mar easily.

The most common areas to find porcelain tile are in kitchens, baths, walkways, entrances, and more. When it comes time to clean porcelain tile and grout, they typically clean up beautifully every time back to near new.

Porcelain Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

The porcelain tile and grout cleaning process consist of hot steam, suction, and safe alkaline-based chemicals. A typical home is 1.5 hours set up to break down. For more detailed information visit my cleaning process page now.

Call on Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

For an awesome professional tile and grout cleaning service, with FAST and EFFECTIVE results, call me today at 702-595-8178 I am an owner/operator looking to earn your business respectfully! Please call me to evaluate your project TODAY! I may even be in your neck of the woods today! Porcelain tile and grout typically require annual service.  Home or even places of business where traffic is heavier, professional service is required more frequently. I also call this “maintenance” cleaning. Porcelain tile and grout cleaning is not a “one and done” service…

How to Maintain Porcelain Tile and Grout

Attention Home Owners

The safest way to clean porcelain tile and grout is to mix with a solution of “blue dawn” dish soap and water combined with a microfiber padded mop. All other chemicals will either make the floors too filmy, or dirtier, greasier, and “blacker” than it was from the beginning when first laid.

Two Products to Stay Away From

Two products to stay far away from being used for porcelain tile and grout are Swiffer and Steam mops. These particular products keep me busy cleaning and removing film/coating build-up on porcelain tile several days a week over a 20-year period. These products create a “restoration” job, not a “cleaning” service…

Watch the how-to video on how to maintain tile and grout after a professional tile grout cleaning service is performed.

5 Star Testimonials

We had our tile and grout cleaned again by Michael…Same results as last time, AWESOME! We have brown porcelain tile and grout that just gets filthy fast, we tried wearing socks on our feet…It still doesn’t work! Once a year grout cleaning seems like a great idea! He always gives us great advice and tips, as well as having a great attitude! Thank you, Michael! We will be calling you back, and refer you to others! Rick S. Facebook

Mr. Marcus was a Great Professional Person to meet. We had a tuff dirty floor and he came in and done an excellent job and even took time to explain whats best for cleaning the tile and keep it like new. Thank You so much, Michael for a wonderful Job. Aaron E. Facebook

Mike has been excellent! The marble tile that he cleaned has turned out fantastic! To top it off he is extremely personable and professional! I would recommend to family and friends! Timothy H. Google+

Getting in contact with me is easy! Call 702-595-8178 for immediate message or if you like, you can email me as well with no hard feelings…I get it! I will email you back for service, estimate or whatever you need! Love to earn your business!