Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Why Choose a Professional Grout Cleaner?

As an owner-operator of a professional tile and grout cleaning service in Las Vegas, I know that getting your tile and grout clean is a lot harder than it looks.

Using the right cleaning apparatus can remove some surface grease and grime, but it also pushes other soils into the spaces (grout) between your tiles. Sooner or later, tile and grout can darken and become discolored due to improper chemicals and filming residue.

Many homeowners wonder how to clean tile and grout effectively and decide to research a better solution.

Cleaning any tile and grout on your own is a time-consuming task without the guarantee of improvement. Thankfully, there are other solutions besides living with a dirty floor or trying to get the stains out yourself.

Professional Method for Service

Advanced machinery returns your tile and grout back to like new and is the #1 method to clean tile and grout. This operation is designed to quickly and safely clean floors without the use of toxins or harmful chemicals.  Suction and high-pressured hot steam gently remove soiled black grout.

After Professional Tile Cleaning Service, Sealer is Added

After professionally cleaning your tile and grout with my truck-mounted equipment,  The cleaning removes all unwanted soils and stains and allows the sealer to be applied on a clean surface. Your tile and grout will look beautiful for much longer by repelling and beading the potential build-up of grease, soil, and grime. In turn, making your life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning your floors.

A DuPont water-based sealer is utilized to protect and beautify your floor for years to come. This is applied to both the tile and grout and will leave your floors natural with no hazing or smearing.

The floors are now completed. The sealer drys fast and walking traffic can now continue. Cotton socks are recommended for the remainder of the day.

Sealing service is also available on shower stalls, countertops, and backsplashes. Tile and grout cleaning is usually recommended especially in these more sensitive areas where soap scum, body oils, and food are present.

Sealer is Added

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cleaning Service

There are a few things you can do to keep your tile and grout looking as good as possible between professional cleanings. Purchase a microfiber padded mop, then purchase blue dawn dish soap 2 dime size squirts into a spray trigger 32-ounce bottle spray ahead of you on the floor (stream) and after the entire area is cleaned follow with rinse only.

Compared to traditional products you buy at your local store, most leave a residue, film, or even coating behind. My technologically advanced machinery is designed for safe non-toxic indoor use safe for people and pets.

At Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning, I promise to return floors back to like-new 85-95% to the original condition. I am also confident tile and grout will return to like new with few exceptions. There are no hidden fees, the price is as discussed prior to work starting, and I am paid upon completion of work. I also offer a  guarantee that if anything goes wrong during your tile and grout cleaning initial service, I will correct it free of charge.

Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning is a residential expert and has the perfect way to get your floors clean and fresh! If you have questions or concerns about safety, quality, and anticipated results, get in touch with me as I love to earn your business today. You can learn more about effective and efficient professional tile and grout cleaning in Las Vegas by contacting me today.

I am an owner-operated business and have completed over 10,000 jobs in 20 years. I do all the work. I do have family and helpers when needed, as I am always prepared for each tile and grout cleaning job based on what actually needs to be done.

No! Permanently discolored grout happens from using the wrong chemicals, lack of service, no sealer, bare feet and shoes, and more! Color sealing may be your best bet!

Best way to schedule service is hit the call now button on this page and call or text 702-595-8178 or reach out to me on my Contact Page. I would love to earn your business.