Valuable tile and grout cleaning tips that can help you!

Here are some awesome tips. After the floor is cleaned and sealed, the tile sealer will need to “cure” within a 24 hour period. Air, heat, and other methods for drying will not speed up the “curing” process.
Try to wear socks at all times especially through the “curing” process. Do not replace furniture on newly cleaned tile surfaces for at least 6 hours. Keep pets, kids, and others off floors as much as possible. When maintaining your floors, weekly maintenance is recommended, and with household mixtures only. Soap (few drops of BLUE DAWN) mixed with water (32 oz.).Please refrain from using existing chemicals found in your home, or aisles of cleaning chemicals found at your local stores. Also, avoid recommendations made by friends or family. These “foreign” chemicals or “methods” can actually embed dirt or grime permanently into your floors, sometimes making it impossible to remove. Make sure you purchase a flat microfiber padded mop with a removable pad so it can be rinsed frequently and kept nearby. Purchase an empty trigger bottle (32 oz) and use supplies as mentioned above for your mixtures.
Further questions or concerns please call me at 702-595-8178 or e-mail me at  Annual Service from Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning is highly recommended, and furthermore, will help you keep like new and fresh floors year-round!

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Grout Cleaner


Potentially harmful Tile and Grout Cleaning Products you’ll find at places like Home Depot and Lowe’s…

Possibly the BEST cleaning product available to homeowners…A dime-sized squirt goes a long way…

blue dawn dish soap

Microfiber Padded Mop

Absolute Best Micro Fiber Mop you can buy ($22), in addition, buy 2 pads (blue)…Buy the pole from Home Depot (unthreaded) Approx. $7



Our cleaning products are alkaline, not acid…As well as indoor safe for everyone including pets.

What to Expect 

Here are a few things you should know before we start…Our cleaning process can in most cases return your floor to 85%-95% or more to its original condition when first laid. I promise that we will do our best to satisfy you. But believe it or not, there are limits to what I can do…Please have all areas cleared of furniture and knick-knacks before we arrive (if possible). I do not move washer and dryers, dishwashers, or refrigerators. I will point out any existing damage, staining, or concerns on your floor before we start. I would appreciate it if you will do the same. I will not be responsible for pre-existing conditions that are beyond my control. Such as loose grout and tiles, cracked or missing tiles and grout, discoloring or fading, as well as scratches in tile. I will not be responsible for correcting uncovered damages or staining that could not be seen previously due to soil build-up. There may be areas that we cannot reach with the tools that I have. There are certain products and foods that stain grout permanently. I will not know what can and cannot come out until we actually clean the surface. Wax is our enemy. It is extremely difficult to remove from the grout! I can attempt to remove it and have had some success but we cannot guarantee complete removal. I refer out, re-grout, or re-chalking. I do charge extra for these services. If we feel our cleaning process will be doing more harm than good due to existing problems the floor may have, I will stop all work. Thank you for understanding a few of my limitations and I hope you enjoy your newly cleaned and refreshed tile and grout.

Did you Know?

If you use store-bought chemicals to clean your floors it can actually damage your tile and grout permanently. Any hard surface including wood, tile, natural stones, and others are harder to keep clean than carpets or rugs? Mainly because there is nowhere for the dirt to hide. (Even after a carpet or hard surface cleaning) Sealers are designed to make products “repel”, not to exactly keep your floors from getting dirty. After service is completed at your residence, try not to clean your floors for at least 2 weeks, and after that clean every week and try to work in sections IE: kitchen on Mondays, Foyer on Sundays, etc. etc..Turbo tile and grout cleaning is the “newest and most effective” cleaning method. The most effective machine to run this operation would be a “truck mount”. There are other forms of cleaning machinery, however, one key part of the process is HEAT! I mean consistent HEAT! Heat mixed with a vacuum (High) and alkaline-based chemicals is the reason for fast and efficient service. This is known as the “real deal”. Turbo and “mini” turbo are attachments that allow us to clean large surfaces versus smaller surfaces like countertops and shower stalls. Never use muriatic acid, floor stripper in any residential or commercial setting period. Be careful about hiring people who use these methods…They put themselves in danger as well as YOU.


Here are some great questions people often ask me when I first talk to them via phone or in-person…

  1. Can you get my tile and GROUT cleaned back to what it looks like @ my fireplace (Grout)? Typically YES or Very Close…! Fireplaces get no foot traffic as well as fading from the sun…
  2. Is Sealing Necessary, and how do I benefit? Yes, Sealer is necessary and makes products repel and bead to the top of surfaces…Particularly the GROUT!
  3. Are your chemicals safe for my family, or will they harm pets? Yes, they are safe, pets are not affected by chemicals! No harsh chemicals used…
  4. Can you make my tile and grout shiny? NO…Your material is the way it is…Any topical coating (chemical) other than a water-based sealer will layer on top as a film.
  5. How often should I require a professional tile and grout cleaning service? Typically, once a year. Your floors are a maintenance item. This service is not a one and done service.
  6. Do I have to Clean and Seal? NO…But you just made an investment returning your filthy grout back to new, is there a reason why you wouldn’t want to protect your investment?
  7. How soon can I walk on the floors once you were done? Ultimately the tile and grout will appear dry in less than 15 minutes…Replace furniture in about 2-3 hours, walk with socks only…
  8. Are you machinery loud (my baby is sleeping)? The machinery is outside, so technically the noise is low…
  9. How do you determine the price? Square Feet Typically…But other factors also attribute to price like upstairs (2nd floor), slate or porcelain tile, etc., how dirty, and more…
  10. Will, you (Michael) be on the job? Yes, Yes, Yes. It’s always gonna be me…I love what I do! Hard to trust anyone…Maybe one day, but not today!


  1. Swifter – Chemical Build-up and Paper-thin pad…Just terrible.
  2. Steam Mop – Make your floors filthier Faster!
  3. Clorox/Vinegar – One good reason your grout is discolored…
  4. Wax – We don’t wax floors in America. Major Restoration and mucho dinero to remove…
  5. Windex/Dishwasher Powder – Yup, people actually do it and stain there grout green, blue, and more…
  6. Deck Swabs – Swinging dirt from side to side gets old real fast…
  7. Grout Steamer (Hand Held) $$ – Really, like hard labor?
  8. Spray on Anything – Just NO!
  9. Mop n Glo – Most Difficult, or close 2nd to the most miserable job I don’t want to do…Does not belong on man-made tile or natural stone.
  10. No Rinse Chemicals…If you don’t rinse it, where does the chemical go? Layers like film…Restoration. $$
  11. Muriatic Acid – Yes, people get drastic, and all of the sudden the grout starts disintegrating…Now it’s a call about re-grouting (handyman)…
  12. No Hoover, Eureka, Oreck, and more on your floors period…Sometimes leaves a very sticky residue, or peeling effect that now is a restoration job! $$
  13. Grout PEN/WHITENER…BLEACH = Grout Discoloration…
  14. Paint: I mean paint like Dunn Edwards…NO, just don’t! Paint is made of walls and other like products…
  15. At this point I want to go rest my brain, I remember almost all the tough times of trying to remove these difficult products…It’s like a bad dream…More to come soon…

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