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Is Color Sealing Grout Right for You?

The entire color sealing grout process/concept involves changing existing grout (sanded only ) color to any color under the rainbow. It can be a great way to restore “older” stained grout where permanent damage is irreversible. The process of color sealing grout is cleaning the floors with both high-safe alkaline chemicals, followed by an acid wash, then rinsing. The acid wash etches the grout (makes it tough to grab the color sealer) then when dried, the application of the color sealer can commence. Once the color sealer dries, the look will appear fantastic! Very uninformed grout lines, and the appearance of freshly laid grout. A typical color sealing of an “open” job of 1000 square feet would take approximately one full day.

Grout Color Sealing

Where can Color Sealed Grout actually work?

Often asked, “where can color sealer be applied”? Typically beyond 300′ from where professional truck-mounted cleaning equipment can’t reach (Condos, High Rises, Office Buildings, etc.). Permanently damaged grout color (rare), or decorative areas (Living Rooms, countertops, tables, etc.) where less travel/use is the norm.

Can color-sealed grout even be detected when buying a home?

Color-sealed grout will get dirty just as before it was color sealed and with regular travel and cleaning of surfaces color sealer uplifts from the grout in all or some parts of your grout. The timing of this unfortunate event can be 1 week to ten years later, however, once you start having dirty grout again, and are fed up with trying to get it clean, a professional tile and grout cleaning service is typically called. This is where it gets interesting. A professional points out issues of color sealer at the beginning of service, or as noticed when the job commenced. Most homeowners aren’t even aware of color sealing grout (new homeowner, do it yourself the job, forgot) and typically have few choices when color sealer uplifts.

Colored Grout Sealer Possible Remedies

One choice is to repair with a leftover color sealer from a person who completed the job initially. Or, allow colored grout sealer to slowly peel off more and more after each professional tile and grout cleaning service. The last drastic choice would be to remove the grout and replace it with fresh grout (nightmare and construction mess)…

Is the color sealing company still in business?

Ok, you’ve just had color sealing done, what should I get from the company who did it? An extra bottle of color sealer guaranteed work, the brand of color stain and sealer are written down (over 1000 different manufacturers of color sealer and stain growing ), and or company name and name of the person who completed work. Also, get the recommended cleaning method for color-sealed floors (this is vital).

In Las Vegas, NV, most people have foreclosed, short-sale homes, or sold their homes with color-sealed grout, and not one person was told. Most people aren’t even aware of what type of material they have either. Figure? Every city will have its differences, and where the average home age in Las Vegas, Nevada is 10 years old, why color seal grout that will come clean back to its near original condition? If you want to change the color of your grout, try a remodel or hire a licensed contractor. The best choice, save money and hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company today!

White color sealer paint uplifting

Here is an example of what could happen in 1 month, 6 months, or at an unknown time. There are better quality jobs done by quality companies and preparation is vital! (The white color is the “color sealer” and the darker color is the existing grout color. Notice the uplifted areas?) Be careful of your agreement with local color sealing companies. Please call 702-595-8178 for more information regarding this issue. Better yet, stay informed on our Facebook page and join in the conversations! 

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