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Color grout sealer. Is it right for you?

Is color grout sealer for you? There is a lot of speculation about whether a color grout sealer is a solution to your discolored or uneven appearance. Grout color grout sealer is the only choice due to its consistent color that can be achieved throughout. I will discuss several instances of grout color sealing where […]

Grout Color Sealer Service

Grout Color Sealer. Tired of Discolored Grout? If you’re seeking to fix discolored grout lines and achieve a consistent look, the ideal solution might be a grout color sealer. This technique will restore the color of your grout and rejuvenate its appearance to a like-new state! Additionally, you can alter the color of your grout […]

Grout Color Sealing Gone Bad

Grout Color Sealing Gone Bad

Grout Color Sealing can be a Bad Idea? Grout color sealing is a coating that covers existing grout in any color. Color sealing grout is a temporary solution to a very difficult unseen problem. Color sealer is produced by many manufacturers with very similar makeup. Ultimately their goal is to convince you as a “consumer” […]

Color Sealing – 10 Facts you need to know NOW before any work starts!

Color Sealing - 10 Facts you need to know

Color Sealing Facts As a professional tile and grout cleaning service located in Las Vegas, NV, I see a lot of grout in both residential homes and commercial settings. I will address the 10 most important. Color sealing or AKA “grout painting” is a way to change the color of “grout” by literally painting grout […]