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Is color grout sealer for you?

There is a lot of speculation about whether a color grout sealer is a solution to your discolored or uneven appearance. Grout color grout sealer is the only choice due to its consistent color that can be achieved throughout. I will discuss several instances of grout color sealing where it works best.

Is color grout sealer any good

Places where Color Grout Sealer Works Best!

Cleaning tile and grout professionally for over 19 years, I have discovered where the following instances of changing grout color makes the most sense.

  • Permanently discolored grout. Grout that has been professionally cleaned first, and no matter how much scrubbing or professional grout cleaning chemicals used, the grout lines remain different shades.
  • Above 3 floors or higher. If you are living in a hi-rise tower, condo, office building where professional tile and grout cleaning equipment is out of reach. (300′ would be typical.)
  • Decorative areas. Areas of a home or business where light travel or less which include small dining rooms, living rooms, countertops, and wall murals.

What type and thickness of grout are best for your particular grout?

Some will tell you any grout mixture will work, however, only one I will recommend. Sanded grout is the best grout due to its roughness, sandy surface, and sponge-like material when the color sealer is applied. Un-sanded grout was found typically on countertops and shower stall walls, in my opinion, is not an option.

The thickness of sanded grout joints should be a minimum of 1/8″. This is the ideal size for applying colored sealer.

First Step to a Possible Color Grout Sealer Change.

When considering color seal grout change, having a professional tile and grout cleaning first to determine if this is your best solution by the way your grout completely dries (up to 2 days). Professional tile and grout cleaning service is your best bet to return your floors back to like new. If all else fails, the sealer may be your wisest decision considering any other idea (tear-out or grout removal).

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