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Sealing Tile and Grout FAQs

Why must you be sealing tile and grout?

Here are frequently asked questions regarding the sealing of tile and grout on various surfaces such as floors, counters, shower stalls, and more. Ensuring the protection of your floors is essential for preserving your investment. The primary objective in sealing your floors is to enhance their resistance to stains and water damage, preventing any lasting discoloration or changes to their composition.


Sealing Tile and Grout FAQs

  1. After a professional tile and grout cleaning service is performed, is tile and grout cleaning necessary? The choice will be yours. However, if you pay to have your tile and grout cleaned, adding a sealer to protect your investment is a smart move.
  2. Will sealing tile and grout keep my floors cleaner? No. Sealing tile and grout helps protect against spills and accidents. A maintenance program for you as the homeowner and me as a scheduled periodic service is the way to handle tile and grout to remain in its natural appearance and cleanliness.
  3. After my floors are sealed, how long before I can walk on them? After your floor is sealed, the material will appear dry within 10-15 minutes. Socks should be worn for at least several hours to permanently after completion. Any shoes or bare feet will make tile and grout dirtier faster.
  4. What sealer do you use for application? A water-Based Sealer is used for the application, and in most cases, tile and grout will be covered on both tile and grout. Floors will look natural with no haze or smear.
  5. Will sealing grout prevent discoloring? In most cases, grout sealing will prevent discoloring, but never guarantee.
  6. How often should I seal? After every tile and grout cleaning service, the sealer should be reapplied. Sealing is not a one-and-done service. Sealers have warranties from 1 year to 100 years. Tile and grout will get dirty faster with more traffic (IE: large verse small families). Expensive sealers are a waste of money. Better to spend on annual professional tile and grout cleaning plus sealing service.
  7. Can my tile and grout be sealed without professional cleaning? NO. Tile and grout must be cleaned before any sealing service. An exception to the rule is new homes with untraveled flooring or unused shower stalls, and unused remodels.
  8. I have shower stalls and countertops that are tiled, will they benefit from tile and grout sealing? Yes. Sealers are designed for all surfaces, as most materials like porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, travertine, Mexican, Saltillo, and more will benefit.
  9. Is sealing environmentally friendly? Does it smell when you apply it? Yes, it is environmentally friendly. There is no smell or odor. Safe for indoor use.
  10. How do I maintain my tile and grout after the tile and grout sealing service is completed? Please click this link! No other methods, chemicals, or apparatuses.
  11. BONUS Is color sealer the same as clear water based sealers? No, color sealer is a topical product laid grout line by grout line in every color imaginable on your hands and knees. I do not recommend this product for many reasons as read here.

What are Sealing Products made from?

Various types of sealers are available, including water-based, solvent-based, high gloss, seal enhancers, and more. These sealers are composed of fluorochemicals, with DuPont being the leading producer of this chemical. Originally designed for the textile industry, these chemicals now serve the purpose of creating effective sealers.

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