Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Sealing your tile and Grout prior to you owning your new home a good idea?

Get your tile and grout sealed today!

The seal is a question that comes up often as most people just purchase their dream home with a house full of tile and grout. Sealing is a critical step prior to moving in. Sealing also comes to mind when a remodel is completed!

A typical family of 5 will make a home’s tile and grout filthy in less than 12 months.  It’s the grout that needs the attention, as grout acts like a magnet for dirt and debris to catch in. Dirt and debris can slowly penetrate to the point of permanent discoloration that has irreversible effects.

If you protect your grout prior, dirt and debris and more will limit the damaging effects of “dirty grout”. The best way to ensure the floors are sealed properly is to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning service.

Seal your Tile and Grout Protects Your Investment!

Sealing your tile and grout in the home.

So it’s true that protecting your tile and grout can help prevent future issues with a little help from a professional service.

When you first take over your new home, consider professional service immediately.  People wish to seal their floors, however, they have no idea what type of sealer to use, or how much to apply.

Service is a simple job but requires some knowledge to prevent what I call hazing, smearing, glossing, and more…Many people wish to have their floors stay natural, no change. This is actually what I promote. Tile (if man-made) cannot be changed, a water-based sealer is a go-to product for covering both!

Here’s a link to Dupont of what type of sealer I use. What is important is to have residential homes “cleaned and sealed” once a yearSealer does not keep your floors “clean”. It simply makes your floors repel and bead unwanted stains.

For more information regarding sealing, please visit or to schedule your first service if residing in Las Vegas, NV. I’d love to earn your business respectfully.

You can contact me by email, however, the fastest way would be to call or text at 702-595-8178 Look forward to hearing from you either way!

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