Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

New Home with Tile and Grout?  Closing on Your Home Soon?

Buying a New Home with Tile and Grout

Purchasing a new home adorned with tile and grout prompts thoughts on enhancing surface protection against spills and promoting water beading. This enhancement comes through the process of sealing.

The act of sealing your tile and grout serves as a safeguard, preserving the integrity of your floors for an extended period. Beyond just floor protection, a sealer becomes a crucial element in securing the longevity of your significant investment.

While sealing won’t necessarily make your floors cleaner, it does offer the assurance that spills and messes will be confined to the surface of the tile and grout, preventing any permanent discoloration of your floors.

How Often Should You Seal Your Tile and Grout?

Sealing your tile and grout will most likely be done once a year. Professional tile and grout cleaning and sealing are recommended.

Your floors need annual maintenance not just for aesthetic reasons, but for your health most importantly! I call this “picking up the funk off the floor.”

The best way to verify how dirty your tile and grout are is to take a picture approximately 1 year later (smartphone) and compare.

Water-based sealers are Best!

I use water-based sealers due to the effect it leaves on your floors. No haze and no smear. Leaves your floors looking natural. In my honest professional opinion, other sealers like solvent-based, acrylic, high-gloss, and more leave filming and or peeling on all surfaces and sometimes require restoration to remove. The best grout sealer is water-based.

Recommended Tile and Grout Cleaning Weekly Maintenance 

After the tile and grout sealing service is completed, maintain your tile and grout with a solution of blue dawn in a 32-ounce spray trigger bottle and a microfiber padded mop. Clean first with back-and-forth strokes followed by a rinse only.

This is the best tile and grout cleaning solution recommended for homeowners and businesses. All other chemicals and apparatuses will leave your floors filthier and faster guaranteed! Film removal is extreme when products like Swiffer, Rejuvenate, Quik Shine, and more are used. The restoration service is double! Stay away! Watch Video!

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Wood Plank Tile and Grout Get Dirty Fast!

The most popular tile and grout have been seen in the newest homes in Las Vegas, NV over the last (2018-2022) several years. These surfaces get dirty fast due to the excessive amount of grout joints. 

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Buying a New Home

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