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The plank tile and grout craze in Las Vegas, NV is spreading from all the new homes being recently built as well as the folks seeking a wood-look-a-like copy in their existing homes. Most of these styles of plank tile and grout are usually rectangular from small to large. But by far the actual small rectangular type (4″x18″) is the most popular. When combined with the grout joints, the appearance is definitely “wood-like” and authentic, to the touch as well. The colors are light to dark and also the grout is as well.

Common places you’ll find this plank tile are in the kitchen, dining room, foyers, walkways, and entrances. Sometimes I see plank tile on shower walls, fireplaces, exterior walls of homes (new), and accent walls.

Caring for your Wood Look a Like Tile and Grout

As a professional tile and grout cleaning service, I get a lot of services for wood look-alike plank tile for cleaning and sealing. These surfaces get dirtier faster than most other materials due to “too much” grout, trapping grease, and grime trapped in very directional seams of the grout. These wood look-alike floors need annual service mainly from traffic, and I mean everyday traffic. Bare feet and shoes, plus improper chemicals and apparatuses can make this material dirty in a hurry! Most folks aren’t instructed on how to maintain this plank tile, nor do most know if it’s ceramic or porcelain tile. (Could be either)

If you are to maintain this wood tile and grout consider using blue dawn and water and a microfiber cleaning mop (larger areas 36″ and smaller areas 22″). If you’re looking to install new plank tile and grout stick to neutral colors like tans and grays…Stay away from dark colors as a common problem is hazing, a powdery look, and more. The common word is called efflorescence.  The powdery look is difficult to remove, and wicks back after cleaning or remover are applied…

YouTube Plank Tile and Grout Cleaning Video

Watch a YouTube tube video plank tile and grout cleaning demo! The homeowner initially said the floors were slightly dirty…You be the judge…

Plank Tile Wood-Look-a-Like Service 

For all your plank tile and grout needs and more, visit Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning and schedule service immediately! When moving into a new home, have a sealing service before moving anything inside.

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