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No one likes Black Grout.

Black Grout

Revive the original color of the grout in your home or business by addressing the causes of dirty black grout, which include footwear, bare feet, and inappropriate cleaning solutions. Take action now!

The grout depicted above is deeply stained and ingrained, making it necessary to seek the assistance of a proficient Tile and Grout Cleaning Company. With their expertise, your floors can be thoroughly and efficiently cleaned, restoring the grout to its near-original hue.


Where are the Most Difficult Black Grout Areas?

The areas where black grout tends to be particularly stubborn are typically found in high-traffic regions such as kitchens, entrances, hallways, and bathrooms. As you mop these floors using products like Swiffer, steam mop, or Pinesol, dirt accumulates, leaving behind a layer of residue on the grout. Over time, this layering effect results in a buildup of unsightly film, which can cause the grout to appear dull and unappealing in a shorter timeframe.

The original color of your grout can be rejuvenated, bringing new life to your floors. However, not all discolored grout is equal, and judging it solely by its appearance can be misleading. Therefore, a thorough inspection of the floors is carried out before the cleaning process begins. This allows me to inform you of any underlying issues and provide updates on the progress of the work as the black grout is gradually restored to its original condition.

How Black Grout Returns to Original Color

The restoration of grout to its original color involves the utilization of specialized professional equipment designed specifically for indoor tile and grout cleaning. The machinery generates suction and high-pressure hot water, which is crucial for achieving optimal results. Additionally, chemicals are applied to break up soil particles, which are then safely extracted from your home/office using a turbo hybrid attachment. This tool is highly effective and completes approximately 80% of the cleaning process.

Once your tile and grout are professionally cleaned to like-new condition, I apply a water-based sealer to make all future issues that may hit the floor repel and bead to the top of the surface.

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