No one likes Black Grout.

Black Grout

Dirty black grout in the home or business results from wearing shoes, bare feet, and improper chemicals. Return black grout back to the original color today!

This grout (as seen above) is so soiled and embedded that the only option is to hire a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Company to effectively and efficiently clean your floors back to their near-original grout color.

Where are the Most Difficult Black Grout Areas?

Some of the most difficult areas of black grout can be found mostly is in your kitchen, entrances, hallways, and bathroom areas. Dirt slowly builds up to whatever your mopping on the floors like Swiffer, steam mop, Pinesol, and more. This is where film and residue begin to lay in your grout. Layering is basically film build-up and the usual characteristic of ugly grout appears potentially over a shorter period of time versus long.

Your grout can be uplifted and refreshed with its original color exposed. Not all discolored grout is the same, as some grout’s appearance can be deceiving. Beginning with an inspection, floors are diagnosed first before the cleaning process begins. Immediately then I can alert you of conditions that I see, as well as how well the black grout returns back to its original condition as work progresses.

How Black Grout Returns to Original Color

Returning grout back to its original color is performed by the use of professional machinery.  This machinery is designed specifically for indoor tile and grout cleaning. Producing suction and high pressured hot water is the key to success. Chemicals are used to break up soils and to safely extract out of your home/office with the use of an attachment known as a turbo hybrid. This tool completes 80% of my work.

Once your tile and grout are professionally cleaned to like-new condition, I then apply a water-based sealer to make all future issues that may hit the floor repel and bead to the top of the surface.

Get your tile and grout new again, and by an owner/operator, call 702-595-8178 or visit today! An excellent service you’ll want to have! Say NO to dirty grout! Estimate and same-day service are available. I’d love to earn your business!

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