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Spring Cleaning Top 10 Tips for tile and grout

Spring cleaning is typically required on your tile and grout, and here are some fantastic tips from a veteran professional tile and grout cleaning service!

  1. If you know you have larger areas, don’t do it yourself, hire a professional, and plan on an annual service period. Tile and grout cleaning can make you ill.
  2. Using chemicals (one’s at the store) can actually build up on your surface, and further, make your floors filthier than it was from the beginning.
  3. Cleaning apparatus’s like swifter mops, steam mops, and more contribute to ongoing problems that again attribute to  “layer build-up” (Grease and Grime)…
  4. Careful about what you read on the internet. Over the years, information is just from the wrong person. Talk to people who do this type of work on a daily basis.
  5. Remove all shoes and bare feet off your floors. Use cotton socks. In most settings, tile floors near impossible to keep clean, despite what people say. Annual maintenance is the solution.
  6. The exterior of your home or office reflects how clean the inside could be. Tire marks off driveways/garages, leaves and debris swept up, entrance mats, and more.
  7. Pets. Almost every home has a pet. Dog and cat hair, poop and pee, and more. Definitely a health hazard in any setting. Hard Surfaces (Tile and Grout Cleaning) removes these hazards.
  8. Don’t use Clorox or Vinegar. Unless it’s for your toilets and sinks, or shower tub basins. Both of these products have irreversible effects.
  9. Buy a Microfiber padded mop and use wet or dry, stay away from any “deck swabs” or like! These actually make your floors filthier…
  10. Hiring maids and house cleaners are sometimes overlooked…I mean, are you aware of what they are doing? Especially with what they are using? Instruct them, your the boss!

All of these spring cleaning tips are seen and used by a professional tile and grout cleaning service, and typically tips given naturally by our service. Sometimes what I observe frightens me, and most of the time people are unaware of the basics of life. I think mainly because our lifestyle is too fast, and no one even notices the little things that need to be done or not done…

Tile and Grout Cleaning is an Annual Service. Springtime is an ideal time for service. Have you called your local tile and grout cleaning company?

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  1. I liked it when you shared that it is best to hire a professional you have larger areas for tile and grout cleaning. My mother just mentioned the other day that she is worried about our house since the surface of the outdoor area is full of dirt and debris. I will suggest to her hiring a reliable service that can provide tile and grout cleaning.

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