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Can you save a buck doing it yourself? Tile grout requires a professional!

Today’s Tile Grout Cleaning Call

Tile grout professional vs. do it yourself is a real no-brainer when it comes to being effective and efficient. Warning, please do not attempt! A typical call would be from someone who just got off there hands and knees and say’s: “I need help, I have been scrubbing my tile grout over the last 2 hours, and I haven’t gotten 1/4 of the floors cleaned…”

Time after time we get to this person’s house and they are just about to pay me anything to finish or restart cleaning up their mess! They are literally throwing themselves into our arms! The problem with trying to clean your own floors typically triggers other problems other than “hard work”!

Many people grab chemicals from what’s usually under the sink, researching on the internet, and talking to friends and family about what work’s the best.  Chemicals that are put on your tile grout can be damaging, and furthermore irreversible.

Problems that typically occur result in discoloration, the disintegration of grout, and color change (light white to dark white). And believe it or not, most don’t even know what type of tile grout they actually have. We walked into a lady’s house and she had just dumped a case of vinegar on her kitchen travertine tile(natural stone)…As a matter of fact, she told us it was ceramic tile. Luckily for her, it actually didn’t affect her floor visually, unless you look real close and notice tiny scratches or what we call in the industry “etching”.

If your not sure of what type of floors you have, and value your investment, call us or contact me, send me a pic, or just call for an appointment. Using just any chemicals or do it yourself method usually results in a disaster. (Hint, here’s what you should be using and this cleaning tool) Then sooner than later I get the call! In most if not all cases, your tile grout will recover up to 95% back to it’s original condition. Most jobs are completed in less than 2 hours.

Hire a Professional for Your Tile Grout is a Great Idea

What are you waiting for? For more information on getting a professional tile grout cleaning service visit us today!

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