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Professional Service offers tips for Cleaning Grout Lines

Professional Service offers tips for Cleaning Grout Lines

Cleaning grout lines as a 20-year professional tile & grout cleaning service of traveling through homes and businesses, I have a few PRO tips to offer. The easiest advice is to stay away from all chemicals, as these chemicals are the main reasons your tile and grout are getting filthier and permanently discolored. Tile and grout leave residues like film. They etch your grout (disintegration). Grout will discolor. The list goes on for chemical use, as it seems if you search thru the internet, you’ll find people who are plumbers and electricians telling you how to clean grout.

If you really want solid advice, ask someone who cleans tile and grout every day as a professional service…Another interesting product I rarely find in people’s homes is cleaning apparatuses. A simple microfiber padded mop is a great solution. Cleaning + Rinsing is key! Tackle smaller areas than larger ones.

Many times I find tools like swifter, steam mops, steam vacuums, and more. Wow, I am busy just from these products alone! Sometimes when I enter I look down and notice what appears as an ice skating rink…Funny, but not funny to who is thinking there doing the right thing (as for cleaning grout lines). Tile and grout really need weekly maintenance (with the right tools), as well as professional service annually. Professional service is someone who cleans tile and grout with specially designed machinery (here’s my machine). This equipment uses hot steam and suction tying into an attachment tool called a turbo hybrid which is basically a contained power wash with suction. An amazing difference of power that takes the filthiest grout back to “like new” FAST!

Hire a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

When it comes to cleaning grout lines, don’t hire just anyone, hire a professional tile and grout cleaning service. For more information visit my website with a lot more helpful tips and a way for you to set up your first appointment for service! Also, visit me on my Facebook Group Page and learn more about my discussion…

Watch This Video Demo of professional service…Join my YouTube Channel as well!

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  1. I agree with you that it is important to check with a professional when it comes to cleaning grout. It is important to do this to make sure you clean it right. Personally, I would want to look at reviews when finding someone that can help me clean.

  2. It was interesting when you mentioned that a microfiber padded mop can be a great way to clean your grout lines. I would imagine that it would be a good idea to hire a professional to clean your grout lines a couple of times a year. This seems like a good way to make sure that no dirt and grime are allowed to accumulate on your grout lines.

    1. “I would imagine that it would be a good idea to hire a professional to clean your grout lines a couple of times a year.” I have been promoting this for 22 years! Professional service is not a “once and done service…” Thank you for your valuable comments.

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