Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Mom will love a fresh grout cleaning!

Grout Cleaning – Just for Mom

Making mom happy? Schedule her a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service! Typically a professional service company can have your floors cleaned and sealed (1000 square feet) within 1-1.5 hours set up to break down.

Making Mom Happy

The most technologically advanced machinery is used that is specifically designed for cleaning tile and grout on indoor surfaces. The chemicals and processes are safe for pets as well.

Technologically Advanced Machinery

Save hours of hard labor on your hands and knees. Most moms are using the wrong cleaning products, the wrong cleaning apparatus (here’s a great microfiber padded mop I recommend!), and cleaning too large of an area at one time. Work your cleaning areas into 10’x10′ sections cleaning with blue dawn and water (2 squirts into 18oz trigger bottle), then rinse floors following your cleaning. Stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true! Steam mops and Swiffers are your enemies!

Tile and Grout are difficult enough to take care of on your own, using the wrong products just adds build-up that leaves your floors unsightly!

When professional grout cleaning is completed, the result will be 85%-95% back to its original condition. I mean who’s tile and grout is not dirty? Do mom a favor, and get the floors cleaned professionally.

Plan for annual service. Take a picture (using your iPhone, Samsung, or like phones take awesome pictures and even upload to the internet instantly), upon completion of professional service. Keep all bare feet, shoes, slippers, and more off all indoor surfaces. Stick to cotton socks only indoors.

For a lot more tile and grout cleaning information including pictures and videos, please visit my fantastic tile and grout cleaning company in Las Vegas, NV. I have serviced over 10,000 local Las Vegas, NV residents, and owner/operated since 2001. Licensed and Insured throughout the state of Nevada. Love to earn your business!

Cleaning Tile and Grout in Las Vegas from Michael Marcus on Vimeo.