Gallery – Pictures and Videos of Past Work

Gallery of Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

The following is a extravagant Gallery of Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning past jobs where differences are visually jaw dropping, leaving floors “like new”. In almost all cases, tile and grout will return back to it’s original color when first laid. I have many pictures and videos of past jobs as well as “new” picture/videos that will be added periodically. My goal is to give you a variety of tile and grout cleaning samples of “like” floors you may be currently experiencing. There is no “two” jobs alike, however, most people often agree there floors resulted in a immediate difference. For immediate service please call 702-595-8178 or e-mail contact information. I’d love to earn your business respectfully!

Video’s of Tile and Grout Cleaning in Las Vegas

Here’s a video of a job I did in Las Vegas 2012 where the homeowner was disgusted with her floors, was cleaning her floors with a deck swab, and didn’t really discover how dirty her floors were until she removed an area rug underneath the dining room table. Must say she jumped out of her heels when she saw the results right before her eyes! Even I didn’t know what to say except “Amazing”…

Kitchens are typically the worst when it comes to tile and grout cleaning! It’s usually the busiest area in the home. This is why regular professional tile and grout cleaning came to existence. People are fed up with filthy floors. Grout turns black just like in this video above. This job was performed in Henderson, NV 2012. Again you can visually see the template as the turbo tile cleaning tool passes. Another happy camper!

Commercial/Retail storefronts benefit from professional tile and grout cleaning service as well…Here’s a Nail Salon getting its tile and grout cleaned back to new. In addition also “picking up the funk” from germs and debris! This client here in Las Vegas, NV started a new wave of grout cleaning service setting a standard in all nail salons. Frequently I get calls from these establishments. As even more local businesses benefit because we make a difference! The end result is the nail salon/other businesses get’s returning customers who prefer a healthy experience overall. What people see, typically overrides what people “get”.

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