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Got Not So Dirty Carpets?

Introducing my low moisture carpet cleaning service – a hassle-free solution that ensures cleaner carpets with minimal drying time. Say goodbye to cumbersome machinery and noisy tools in your home.

With just a CRB (Counter Rotating Brush) and a powerful vacuum, your carpets will be left nearly dry and impeccably clean. It’s a fantastic choice for a convenient and efficient carpet cleaning experience. You can’t go wrong with this simple and effective solution!

Great for Carpet with NO Staining

Perfect for folks with carpets that have little to no stains and just need a freshening up! No soaking of carpets! Senior citizens take note!

Got not so Dirty Carpets in Your Home?

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Explained

Low moisture carpet cleaning is a carpet cleaning method that utilizes minimal water during the cleaning process. Unlike traditional truck mounted steam cleaning, which relies on large amounts of water and extended drying times, low moisture methods focus on efficient cleaning with reduced moisture levels. Truck mounted carpet cleaning is still great for carpets that are more dirtier and stained than average carpet that has little to no staining.


Special Encapsulation Cleaning Solutions 

This technique often involves the use of specialized cleaning solutions, encapsulation, or dry extraction methods to break down and lift dirt from the carpet fibers. The benefits of low moisture carpet cleaning include faster drying times, reduced risk of mold and mildew growth, and the ability to resume regular activities in the cleaned space more quickly.

This incredible CRB (Counter Rotating Brush Machine) can even act as a vacuum for terribly soiled carpet especially with dogs/pets with long hair. The Oreck vacuum as seen in this photo is FABULOUS for picking up the debris on all residential carpets.

21st Century Cleaning Innovation

What I like most about this carpet cleaning method is that it is fast, portable, and does a superb job of returning carpets back to near new! You can nearly walk or entertain back on your floors nearly immediately! Even has zero smell and great looking groomed carpets! Impress your guest or family!

Get the 3 Room Special Today!

I enjoy keeping active during my downtime from tile and grout cleaning. Now, I’m excited to offer a full-service low moisture cleaning package for three average-sized rooms at just $375. The entire process, from setup to breakdown, should take less than 1.5 hours! Feel free to reach out anytime to schedule this efficient and affordable service. Contact Michael, a 25-year owner-operator based in Las Vegas, NV, at 702-595-8178 or simply click the button below to make the call!

Michael Marcus Owner Operator