Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Yes, it’s true, you have dirty grout.


One thing for sure in life is if you own/rent a home, business, or visit somewhere with tile and grout, Dirty Grout is Inevitable. Doing the right thing in making your sure your tile and grout stays beautiful all the time is near impossible. Dirty grout happens from not having clean cotton socks on your feet, as well as using the wrong chemicals and cleaning apparatus.

The only way to cure the dirty grout problem in your home/office is to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company to remove 85-95% of your existing problems (in the grout), and then instruct you on how to maintain your floors in the future. Here is a sample video demo of actually how effective our grout cleaning service is. Take a good look at the template (clean/dirty) that is created as the video progresses…

In Las Vegas, NV, almost every floor from the dirtiest to the “somewhat” dirty recovers like you have never seen before. No two jobs are the same, however, the results are mostly dramatic and jaw-dropping in every aspect! No color sealer or grout paint is needed to cover up dirty grout. Our motto here is that “if we can reach you within 300′ from the street” plan on aesthetically beautiful tile and grout as well as healthy/sanitized fresh floors.

Despite our best recommendations when our service is completed, I usually end the discussion by telling you to “live the life you love” and “love the life you live”. Cleaning dirty grout is a maintenance item, so just plan on periodic service depending on the overall size of your traffic like family, customers, party’s, and more. Annual service for the home, semi-annual for business storefronts. For an immediate appointment or consultation visit Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning Today!

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