Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning Tile and Grout is a Homeowner’s/Business’s #1 Priority

Why is everyone cleaning tile and grout professionally?

Cleaning Tile and Grout Effectively is the number one professional service demanded by homeowners and businesses today. More than 95% of homes and businesses could benefit from  Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning as in Las Vegas, NV every home has some form of tile and grout on their floors, countertops, or shower stalls.

These materials get filthy dirty, especially in the grout lines. And, get dirty fast! Most are fed up being on their hands and knees and wish to hire a professional service where cleaning tile and grout effectively and efficiently becomes a #1 priority.

The majority of the home’s in Las Vegas average 800-1000 square feet of tile and grout that require service on an annual basis. Most home owner’s and business’s are either using the wrong chemicals for cleaning tile and grout, or the wrong cleaning apparatus. There is no easy manner in keeping your floors cleaner other than weekly maintenance with light harmless chemicals (blue dawn dish soap) and microfiber padded mops.

Residential Grout Cleaning is an Annual Service

The business’s like convenience stores, gas stations, deli/restaurants, banks, retail apparel storefronts, and more need more attention to their floors. Most people associate “quality” with “cleanliness”. The better your keeping your tile and grout looking “clean”, the more you’ll sell.

Professional tile and grout cleaning is a must and a service that needs to be done on a routine basis. Our simple service is recommended for residential on an annual basis, and as for businesses (depending on the amount of traffic) quarterly or semi-annually is best.

The best way to start out on the right foot is to get your floors professionally cleaned, then take a picture (cell phone’s or digital cameras) to compare periodically. For all your Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning services, please visit us today! We will be there to not only make your project aesthetically beautiful but healthy fresh as well! Las Vegas’s #1 Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Nevada!

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that it is a must to have professional tile and grout cleaning services regularly. Since we moved into this house a year ago, it should be the right time to have experts clean that part of the house. Also, we might need it right now after I noticed dark spots on some corners earlier.

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