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3 Steps to Keeping Your Tile and Grout Cleaner

3 Steps to Keeping your Tile and Grout Cleaner

Many are confused about just how can they keep their tile and grout cleaner, so I have outlined the 3 most important steps in order to maintain your tile and grout cleaner. Implementing this in your house will allow you to have tile and grout cleaner visually longer and in turn, keep you happier!

I am a 23-year professional tile and grout cleaning service located in Las Vegas, NV for over 33 years. I know tile and grout well, and very confident about returning people’s floors back to like new between 85-95%. Almost every home has tile and grout, as the most popular found would be porcelain tile.

First Step

Get rid of all chemicals in your home that either has been under the sink or chemicals that read “keep your tile and grout cleaner” and directly throw them in the trash. These particular chemicals leave residue and film on your floors from hell!

Remedy: Blue Dawn Dish Soap. 1 Dime-sized squirt into 18 ounces of water and your solution is complete.

Second Step

Trash your sponge mops, deck swaps with yellow buckets, and your small dainty padded mops. (Swiffer, Steam Mops, Hoover Vacuum, and More) These apparatuses are putting a film on your floors and/or making your tile and grout dirtier before you started…

Remedy: Obtain a microfiber padded mop from either online (Amazon or Direct Distributor) or a local cleaning store specializing in professional cleaning products. Purchase a 36” microfiber padded mop for 1000 square feet and higher and/or 22” for anything under 1000 square feet. These particular mops are used for cleaning and then rinsing off your floors.

Third Step

Keep shoes and bare feet off all interior surfaces. Believe it or not, this is the main reason why it is most difficult in keeping your tile and grout cleaner than anything other steps.

Remedy: Keep shoes outside in either the front of the house, garage, laundry rooms, or back door. Buy a shoe rack or container to stow your shoes out of site. Keep a bag of clean socks or buy a brand new bag of socks for guests to put on before they enter…

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