Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Best Grout Cleaners are KILLING YOU!

The best grout cleaners you hear about a mom using, and seen at the local store are the main reasons for your filthy, dirty, grimy tile and grout. These products have cheap “toilet paper” like pads, a solution that layers on your floors, and layers to the point where you need a jackhammer to remove. In almost every scenario if you’re looking for what the best grout cleaners are, look no further to blue dawn. One dime-sized squirt goes a long way to say 18 ounces of water in a spray trigger bottle. Use a microfiber padded mop like this 18″ Microfiber Mop you can purchase @ Amazon.

Here’s a shortlist of products to stay away from:

Hoover (Anything for hard surfaces)

Swiffer or Swifter or “Like”

Steam Mops (At first it seems OK, a couple of times later darker and grungy)

Clorox and Vinegar (For the 100,000th time) Main reason for discolored grout

Deck Swab (Click to see if this is the one your using. And if it is, throw in the trash)

Floor Stripper (Like dissolving grout?)

Muriatic Acid (Wanna live?)

Rumba (Sliding Vacuum)

All of these products I see regularly in people’s homes and places of business…Stay closest to a water-soluble solution and pass up on dirty discolored grout later than sooner. Hire a professional service like Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning and save your hands and knees from what people call the “best grout cleaners“…

In most family settings in a typical home, professional tile and grout cleaning service should be a once a year service. Very few are exempt!

Here’s a nice dirty tile and grout cleaning job was…They used the “best grout cleaners” money can buy…

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