Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Best Tile and Grout Cleaning videos found on Youtube!

Here are the 3 best tile and grout cleaning youtube videos you’ll find on the web. Videos contain work accomplished by professional service in Las Vegas, NV.

Here’s a youtube video of popular porcelain tile and grout cleaning completed in a residential home where tiles naturally get filthy from everyday traffic, bare feet, shoes, and wrong cleaning chemicals.

This client informed me on the phone prior to me starting the job that her floors were “somewhat” dirty…Two people lived in this home and were senior citizens…

Here’s a home in Las Vegas where an entire extended family lived in the northwest part of the valley. These folks knew their floors were filthy, but couldn’t seem to agree how dirty it was in order for them to hire a professional for the best tile and grout cleaning service.

Needless to say, I received a huge tip upon completion that they insisted I’d take!

Tile and grout can film and layer to overlay dirt and grime. In this video, these folks not only were using a “Swiffer” mop but also tried a steam mop as well. I always recommend staying away from anything to maintaining their floors as typically their floors will eventually get dirtier than cleaner…

When in doubt, stick with what’s closest to water and a microfiber padded mop!

Here’s a checklist of items to get for cleaning your tile and grout and to help you avoid making your floors dirtier!

Microfiber padded mop.

Blue dawn dish soap. You can find this product at any local store like Wal-mart, Target, or grocery store.

Cotton white socks. (For the whole family)

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