Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Awesome Grout Cleaning in Las Vegas Tips!

Here are ten grout cleaning in Las Vegas tips from an expert. Professional tile and grout cleaning in Las Vegas, NV is a service that is currently the owner/operated and see’s regularly 6-8 local jobs per week. In an 18 year period since inception, over 10, 000 grout cleaning jobs have been performed. We are experts in the community, and provide a valuable service that not only makes your floors aesthetically beautiful but healthy fresh as well. Tile and Grout Cleaning is a tough physical job, so through the years, I have some valuable tips to help a homeowner or business benefit just by simply explaining how one’s floor could benefit.

10 Tips You Can Use

1. Keep all bare feet and shoes off the floor. Sock’s only (cotton)

2. Use microfiber padded mops (I like these) not mops or other like products.

3. Use blue dawn and water as your cleaning solution, stay away from all other grout cleaning products.

4. Clean and rinse your floors once a week in 10’x10′ sections. Buy a handheld vacuum (like this one).

5. If you have pets (most do), clean up after the pee and poop immediately! Keep clean cloth hand towel and blue dawn and water under the sink!

6. Do not use mop n Glo, rejuvenate, vinegar, Clorox, Swiffer mops, steam mops, and more. (These are the products that either deteriorate your grout or make it dirtier).

7. Do not apply any sealer to tile and grout unless the freshly untraveled material was just laid, or a newly built home. Bonus Tip: Don’t try to clean the floors yourself, then seal…(You’ll just seal over the dirt and grime) Bad Move!

8. Do not put Natural Stone in bathrooms at all. Natural stone gets eaten up by hard water, soap, body oils, and more with irreversible costly effects. Stick to cultured marble (These guys got it going on)!

9. Provide house cleaners and maids with materials, don’t let them use there’s…The big problem I hear and see!

10. Call for an annual grout cleaning service at least once a year! Tile and grout are a maintenance item! Yearly service for sure, especially with family and pets!

For tile and grout cleaning in Las Vegas service and a lot more tips visit TODAY!

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