Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning

Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV


One of the most difficult jobs for any homeowner to accomplish is residential tile and grout cleaning. Typically a hands and knees job (plus bending) where filthy grout is stubborn and painful to remove. This gets old real quick.

The next idea is to find someone who can accomplish cleaning up the tile and grout in a faster and effective way. This is where Professional residential tile and grout cleaning evolved. Professional residential tile and grout cleaning services safely remove filthy dirty tile and grout by the use of powered machinery and attachments. A skilled owner/operator who can detect proper tile and grout cleaning methods for each given job. Residences are somewhat challenging due to working around family, pets, home furnishings, and more.

People must enter your home in order to get the job done. These people should be qualified in removing ugly filthy dirty tile and grout back to near new. Owner/Operators do have an edge in this service business, as typically they are concerned with YOU and our direct attention of how we can help. There are no two homes alike when it comes to residential tile and grout cleaning, however, one thing is common in Las Vegas, NV, and that is professional service results in 85%-95% back to like-new on every job!

Here’s a list of The Top Five Dirtiest Areas in the Home

  1. Kitchen – Busiest place in the home!
  2. Dining Room/Breakfast Area – Where people take their food to eat.
  3. Bathrooms – Dust and Debris collects here far too much.
  4. Foyer/Garage Entrances – Where people enter your home
  5. Hallways – Taking you from one room to the other.

Looking for a great daily/weekly cleaning apparatus? Check out these microfiber padded mops! I’ve been recommending it for years because of the durability and ease of use!

For professional residential tile and grout cleaning service call us today at 702-595-8178 In business for over 16 Years, and would love to earn your business respectfully!

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