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Magic Eraser May be Used on Tile and Grout?

Magic Eraser Pad

“For more than twenty years, I’ve been offering tile and grout cleaning services. On occasion, clients mention using a product called ‘Magic Eraser‘ and achieving impressive results. Some wonder why they should hire my services when they can achieve similar outcomes, especially in smaller areas like 2′ x 2’ or smaller.”

What is Magic Eraser?

One component in this product, formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer, includes the term ‘formaldehyde’ in its chemical name.

The Magic Eraser is likened to “sandpaper” and undergoes restoration with varying levels of pressure, from less aggressive to more aggressive. When applied to ceramic and porcelain tiles, it can effectively “lighten” the material and reveal the specific tile’s underlying “finish.”

When the magic eraser is utilized on grout, consider etching the top of the material like a grout removal tool with a perforated edge.

Magic eraser pad has very little life when used harshly as a 2’x2′ area maybe it’s the official limit. Can you imagine 1000 square feet or more to get your tile grout cleaner?

As a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service, I would refer to this pad as “restoration work” and would charge accordingly. This pad is not “tile and grout cleaning” but “restoration”.

This product claims to be non-toxic but has the word “FORMALDEHYDE” as the name of its contents/makeup…

Wiki Definition of Formaldehyde Visit this Link:

Sure you want to use Magic Erasers?

Cleaning Tile and Grout after Magic Eraser Use

The showcased image illustrates the completion of a tile and grout cleaning project utilizing safe indoor products, leading to a notable enhancement in the grout’s appearance. Despite this positive outcome, certain individuals persist in minimizing the success and amplifying negative aspects, labeling the job as “terrible” and asserting dissatisfaction with the results. The motivations behind these claims remain unclear. It is crucial to stay focused on the facts and the tangible improvements accomplished, rather than being diverted by unwarranted criticism.

First Call

The first call for cleaning tile and grout should be to a professional tile and grout cleaning service with over 23 years in the industry with safe and effective solutions to clean, filthy grout. Besides, who enjoys crawling around on their hands and knees?

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