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Keeping Grout Clean in Las Vegas, NV

Keeping Grout Clean is a Must

Why is Keeping Grout Clean so important?

After completing professional tile and grout cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV, a common inquiry revolves around how to maintain clean grout. As a professional in this field, I’ve visited numerous residential homes and observed that many people’s tile and grout suffer from dirt and staining due to factors like foot traffic, shoes, improper cleaning products, and inadequate cleaning tools.

Most homeowners tend to use “Swiffer” style mops, proprietary cleaning solutions, or steam mops (e.g., Shark) for their floor cleaning. Unfortunately, these methods often lead to discolored grout lines. When clients ask for advice, I typically inquire about their current cleaning practices to provide tailored solutions, recognizing that different materials such as ceramic, porcelain, and travertine each require unique care.

Moreover, the type of grout joints, whether thin and unsanded or thicker and sanded, impacts the cleaning approach. After restoring floors to a nearly new condition, clients often ask how to maintain this cleanliness. In response, I share insights and guidance based on my over 23 years of experience in the industry.

How To Clean Properly(Guide)

  1. Use of no chemicals other than what’s closest to “water”…A drip of blue dawn as an additive.
  2. microfiber Padded Mop – Clean then Rinse.
  3. No bare Feet or Shoes.
  4. No Steam Mops or “Swifter” style mops.
  5. Annual service from a professional grout cleaning service to help keep grease and grime and avoid permanent discoloration (especially the grout).

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