Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Keeping Grout Clean in Las Vegas, NV

Why is Keeping Grout Clean so important?

In Las Vegas, NV, the most asked question upon completing a professional tile and grout cleaning service is how are others keeping grout clean versus dirty? As a professional tile and grout cleaning service located in Las Vegas, I see thousands of residential homes as an owner/operator and come to the conclusion that most people’s tile and grout are filthy dirty from bare feet, shoes, improper cleaning chemical, and wrong cleaning apparatus. The typical homeowner usually is cleaning their floors either with “swifter” style mops and proprietary solution and steam mops (shark). These 2 products alone keep my phone ringing and are taking grout lines from white to black, fast. The first question I’ll typically ask is what are you cleaning currently your tile and grout to help diagnose how to help them in the future, and to see how difficult my job is as a result. There are so many different materials like ceramic, porcelain, travertine, and more, as each material has its own characteristics. As a matter of fact, very thin grout joints have unsanded grout joints, verses thicker grout joints that are sanded…Each is different. After cleaning floors back to “nearly new”, at least that’s what the clients notice as I work or point out, their usual comments are “how do I keep it that way”? I then refer to my list I’ve instructed/counseled about over 16 years of experience.

Keeping Grout Clean (Guide)

  1. Use of no chemicals other than what’s closest to “water”…A drip of blue dawn as an additive.
  2. microfiber Padded Mop – Clean then Rinse.
  3. No bare Feet or Shoes.
  4. No Steam Mops or “Swifter” style mops.
  5. Annual service from a professional grout cleaning service to help keep grease and grime avoid permanent discoloration (especially the grout).

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