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Grout Discoloration Identified

Grout discoloration can easily be identified and confused with dirty grout even after a professional tile and grout cleaning service is performed. After 15 years of professional grout cleaning service (over 8000 individual jobs), with the best equipment that money buys, I have come to the conclusion that people’s grout discoloration results in many factors, and factors that are dictated by what is used previously (before I get there) to maintain the tile and the “grout.”

2 Main Causes of Grout Discoloration

to what is the traffic in the home, and finally what is being worn on people’s feet. Both of these factors contribute to possible grout discoloration that unfortunately is permanent.

A periodic call is returned to me after I cleaned their floors (call back) with the start of the conversation referring to “after 1-2 days, “the appearance of the grout still has a dark look to it.” “I think you missed a spot.” “My grout is still dirty.” And much more…Not all, but many people have a conception of 1 color even throughout their grout no matter what. My answer usually is, that there are no two floors at any given time that can have results like the other…Why do you ask? Mainly because of the two reasons (as mentioned above)…

There are many floors that recover beautifully and a lot that struggle to get back to their evenness of original colored grout. There really is no guarantee your floors will be uninformed to one exact color throughout. Don’t be confused about how valuable Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service is …That is to aesthetically improve the appearance as well as what I call “pick up the funk” from the tile and grout (odor, sickness, and disease).

Extremely valuable service that improves the quality of your lifestyle as well as your family’s well-being. The key idea of hiring a professional is one who comes and cleans effectively and efficiently your 1000 square feet (average) of tile and grout in approximately 1.5 hours set up to break down. We save your hands and knees and time. For more information, and to schedule a professional service, visit me at

Grout Discoloration Help

I love helping others, as well as giving pertinent information to solving all your tile and grout issues. Please read a previous post about other causes that are related to grout discoloration “Ten reasons why it Happens” Follow me on Google+ for daily interaction.


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