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Best Shower Tile Cleaner Information 

No One Likes Cleaning Shower Tile

The last thing that most people want to do after taking a shower is to clean the shower tile. Cleaning shower tile easiest solution is to wipe down the walls dry after each shower with a designated shower towel.

There are two specific problems that occur along with tile shower cleaning. The first is Mold and mildew (usually black in color). This problem occurs in shower stalls the most. Typically mold and mildew build-up on cracks, crevices, and on the chalking.

The major problem starts with moisture from the hot water (steam) and the overall wetting of surfaces.

Who Creates these  Shower Tile Problems?

The problem is not necessarily yours, but other family or friends as well who are not cleaning any tile in the shower as they should. The best solution would be to instruct others on how to properly care for the shower stall and showing how to keep shower tile cleaner by carefully wiping down with a shower towel (designated for tiled wall cleaning) or squeegee on some surfaces sometimes is even better.

Soap Scum Build Up

Soap scum is “soap” splashed off your body onto the tile and grout surfaces. There are some products made for cleaning soap scum for removal in the cleaning isles at your local retail stores.

Make sure the bathroom area where the shower is vacant when you try to clean the shower walls. The fumes are typically strong, and can actually make you choke.

Make sure to buy the proper chemicals when cleaning yourself and consider manmade materials like ceramic and porcelain tile can have alkaline and acid-based chemicals.

Natural stone shower tile and grout should only have alkaline chemicals.

Missing Grout? Cracked Grout?

When the grout is missing, or chalking starts to peel or disintegrate then these repairs need to be fixed sooner than later. Missing grout can be replaced with the same colored grout that was there before or even chalking which sometimes works better on thinner grout joints.

If you don’t try to repair these areas, the water is finding its way through the cracks and crevices, and rolls behind the tile and grout and typically builds up mold and mildew behind the entire walls of the shower!

Now you have a health hazard that requires mold remediation work, bathroom remodel, and large bills if not covered under your homeowner’s policy.

Alternative Material For Remodel is Cultured Marble

If you do decide to eliminate a lot of problems, and want a great idea for having tiled shower grout cleaner, consider cultured marble! These are 4’x8′ sheets of 3/8″ thick one-piece material that is seamless and come in many different designs and colors…

Some people think it’s old school…A lot of “new” homes are built with these to ease your maintenance in the shower stall all together! Seamless and easy care and easy maintenance.

Occasional Profesional Tile and Grout Cleaning is a Great Idea!

If you would like a professional tile cleaning service to clean and then seal (reason to call a professional) your surfaces so soap scum and body oils roll down your walls rather than adhere to it, call me today for immediate service.

This service should be repeated every 3-5 years to ensure cleanliness.

For more information regarding cleaning your shower tile and grout, visit Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning and schedule your personal consultation today!

If located in the Las Vegas Valley, please call me at 702-595-8178 for any questions regarding shower stalls! I’d love to help!

TIP: Have a manmade shower basin? Black on the surface? Take straight Clorox and poor into the shower basin (clog drain) and let sit for 24-48 hours. Watch the basin return back to white! The longer the chemical sits, the whiter it gets…Do it before you go on vacation!

Worst Material For Shower Stalls

1. Travertine or any Natural Stone

2. Any Ceramic or Porcelain tile with grout and chalk…

Best Material For Shower Stalls

1. Cultured Marble (Seamless) Easy wipe downs! Cleaner showers…

Hard Water

The Las Vegas Valley has some of the hardest water in the nation! Hard water has a lot of factors that affect our society…One of them is “deteriorating” natural stone surfaces, or anything that has a natural stream of water flowing…

Soft water conditioners can help your hard water, but even still, I see a lot of shower stalls with hard water damage! If you’re looking for great information about hard water, see it here.

YouTube Video Demo

Watch the countertop tile and grout cleaning video below. The tool (mini-turbo) as shown in the video is the same used for shower stalls or any vertical or horizontal surface.

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