Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Are you aware that cleaning grout professionally, makes your life easier?

Cleaning grout is now easier to accomplish with a little help from a professional tile and grout cleaning service. Most tile and grout cleaning jobs usually range from 400-2000 square feet and are completed in less than 2 hours from set up to break down. A complete process that includes, high-powered machineryturbo tile cleaning tool, and safe-friendly chemicals designed for indoor tile and grout cleaning. Many people compare this service to a “contained power washing”.

Furniture and other items throughout the house can be moved. It’s always best to contact me first for advice on what’s best to move before our service begins. Residential family settings prefer service on an annual basis. Commercial Quarterly. Tile and grout cleaning is first completed, then followed by a thorough sealing. Typically we start with the deepest part of your house and work our way backward from where we entered.

Results of Professional Grout Cleaning

Results after cleaning grout recover back to its near original condition (85%-95%) when first laid. Each job has its differences regarding the type of material, as well as the color, texture, or width of the grout. Most dirty grout has the appearance of  “black” or even a discolored appearance. Grout color in areas like kitchens, entrances, hallways, and more has heavier traffic, so expect your filthiest grout in those areas.

When the tile and grout cleaning process begins, notice a “template” where clean versus dirty is obvious! (As seen in the photo above) Expect lighter-colored grout once completely dry. For an immediate appointment, please visit us at Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning today! Follow us on Google+ where you can get tips, photos, and video demos! Schedule your professional tile and grout cleaning service today, and see the difference for yourself! Cleaning grout is not a simple task. This service is most popular with people who prefer an easier solution to be on their hands and knees scrubbing grout line by grout line. Hire a professional today! Buying a new home? Renting a home with filthy grout? Have kids? Pets? The list goes on…Just do it!

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Watch this Youtube cleaning grout Video Demo!