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Cleaning Ceramic Tile – Best Method Exposed

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Cleaning ceramic tiles can be one of the easiest jobs. Unfortunately, most if not all, typically use the wrong cleaning chemicals and apparatus creating ugly floors. On a typical house visit, when called upon for professional tile and grout cleaning service, my job is to ask basic problem-solving questions.  “What have you been using to clean your floors with” prior to me getting here? Usual answers range from Clorox, vinegar, swifter mop, steam mop, and more. I usually then tell the client that cleaning ceramic tile floors (best method) requires just light soap (1 drop of blue dawn) and a microfiber padded mop.

Homeowners usually are confused, but after a little more understanding, they see why. Most products film floors creating glossy, ice skating rink-like floors. In some houses a real safety hazard.

Ceramic tile usually has a coating on top of its material already…When a no-rinse “like” formula is applied, not only do the floors get slippery and dangerous, the grout gets black too! Black grout is a whole different subject, but when combined with ceramic, it’s the same black grout you’d find on other man-made materials like porcelain.

Another issue with cleaning ceramic tile and grout is what people are wearing on their feet. Most use bare feet, shoes, slippers, and more. The best, clean cotton socks.

Walking around with anything other than cotton socks is making ceramic tile dirtier, and faster. No one likes to tippy-toe around the home or even place of work. The best possible solution is to have annual service from a professional, and you continue with your life and understand your ceramic tile is a maintenance item. Most need help, few don’t.

Cleaning ceramic floors on your own can be labor-intensive as well as “the job” no one wants to do. Hire a professional periodically.

Professional tile and grout cleaning companies carry the right machinery to get the job done fast, effectively, and efficiently. For more information, including other flooring materials, visit my website I’d love to earn your business respectfully. 702-595-8178 Call Today!

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