Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Owner Operator On Every Tile and Grout Cleaning Job

What Makes me Superior to Others?

Owner Operator Tile a Grout Cleaning Business

Las Vegas, NV has the best tile and grout cleaning service you can find! Most jobs are completed in less than 1.5 hours set up to break down! Tile and grout return back to “like-new” quick and painlessly. Calling 702-595-8178 is the easiest way to schedule an estimate, or estimate and work the same day!

For over 20 years Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning is owner-operated.  This business is owner operated. Over 10,000 jobs completed both residential and commercial with over 250,000 square feet cleaned.

I aim to please my clients and look for not just a once and done opportunity, but future business as well! I see a 45% return of clients one year later regularly. In order to have the most effective tile and grout cleaning service, I am working on every job to ensure all the necessary work gets done properly and safely.

I am very alert to the client’s surroundings and treat the job as if I was in my own home.

Help and Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips Given at Every Job!

I truly give out valuable tips before and after every job. Helping you keep your tile and grout looking new and healthy. Most folks are misguided and steered in the wrong direction due to old-fashioned methods, as well as online novice help (as seen on YouTube). My objective goal before starting a tile and grout cleaning job is to tell you what is right, and tell you what is wrong.

I also give other house and business tips in your homes like area rugs, entrance mats, proper cleaning apparatus, chemical usage, and a lot more! Some folks say “I talk a lot“, “I give out more information they can grasp“, and more! But ultimately, I return tile and grout back to like new and fresh!

What to expect after the Tile and Grout Cleaning job is completed?

Returning tile and grout back to like-new (85-95%) is the norm. In Las Vegas, NV, it’s almost literally impossible not to achieve “like new” results with the best machinery designed for effective service in Las Vegas, NV.  Getting started, I can show the difference between clean versus dirty fast! Templates are common (as seen above).

For more information on the Las Vegas tile and grout cleaning service visit my Website and/or call me directly at 702-595-8178 I’d love to earn your business respectfully!

Watch a Tile and Grout Cleaning Video Demo (Typical Results)

Getting in contact with me is easy! Call 702-595-8178 for an immediate message or if you like, you can email me as well with no hard feelings…I get it! I will email you back for service, estimate, or whatever you need! Love to earn your business!