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Clean Your Grout Lines Faster Than Ever Before

Cleaning Grout Lines

Cleaning grout is a task for anyone including professionals like me. In this blog, I will discuss 3 ways to help you clean your grout lines without damaging or permanently discoloring your grout.

Here’s the Best Possible Solution

Professional tile and grout cleaning services are ideal to clean your grout lines due to indoor ready professional machinery plus an expert who is rehearsed in cleaning tile and grout both residential and commercial flooring for over 20 years like myself. I can clean on average, 1000 square feet, and can be cleaned and sealed in less than 1.5 hours from set up to break down. I expect an 85-95% recovery.

The Second Solution is Blue Dawn and Water

Blue Dawn Dish Soap and Water

Blue Dawn dish soap is the best chemical to clean your grout lines due to a specially made degreasing agent inside of every bottle of blue dawn. Blue Dawn dish soap is recommended by consumer reports as the #1 product for many applications including grout.

MicroFiber Padded Mop

It is best to prepare a 32-ounce trigger bottle filled with water and 2 drops of blue dawn inside. Use a microfiber padded mop to clean first then rinse only to pick up residue.

The Final Solution is to Use Water Only

Believe it or not, to clean your grout lines with no discoloration or etching of grout, why not use water only? And hot water you can handle by touch. A mild scrub brush or a pole brush like a Blue Carlisle is the best product for cleaning grout lines. You can even stand up and watch the filthy grout disappear.

Bonus Help:

Stay away from all products like Clorox, vinegar Swiffer, Rejuvenate, Steam Mops, Quik Shine, and a lot more! These chemicals make your floors filthier faster and cause tile and grout restoration (high dollars to remove).

I recommend that bare feet and shoes stay off all tile and grout and get in the habit of socks only.

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