Blue Dawn is the absolute BEST daily Tile and Grout Cleaning Product.

Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Product

The best weekly tile and grout cleaning product is Blue Dawn dish soap… Making Homemade grout cleaner with blue dawn is quite simple. Use one drop of blue dawn in a 32-ounce trigger bottle and mix with water.

Work the product in by using back and forth strokes with a Micro Fiber Padded Mop in 10 foot by 10-foot sections, then rinse as needed (to pick up residue) with plain hot water.

Using your kitchen sink is typically the best area to rinse your pads. Hose bibs located outside your house can also be utilized as well.

No Film build-up!

Get your tile and grout brand spanking new, as blue dawn doesn’t leave a film build-up. Plan on once-a-week cleaning in all your areas!

As seen in “Consumer ReportsBlue Dawn is the #1 cleaning product in your home.

The absolute main reason blue dawn is so powerful is due to its powerful degreasing agents that are found in its ingredients.

Unlike Swiffer mops (THE WORSE), Fabuloso, and steam mops, Blue Dawn does not leave behind residue, dirty films, or unwanted coatings.

Refrain from using all other chemicals (Clorox, Vinegar, Swiffers, Steam mops, and more) you see at your local retailers.  Most of these chemicals are the reasons your dirty tile and grout are in dire need of professional service.

In every home I service, I tend to see the repetitive issues that these products create in the common household.

Cleaning Travertine Shower Walls

When cleaning travertine shower walls, use a non-abrasive pad such as a “white pad“. The reason is, that the white pad is delicate enough for use, and doesn’t scratch or etch the material. This pad can be cut into smaller pieces to fit your hand. I recommend scrubbing travertine with a neutral cleaner, NOT blue dawn.

When cleaning mold off of travertine showers, the white pad pictured above is an excellent solution. If done consistently, this will prevent mold and mildew.

Hire a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

A professional tile and grout cleaning service can get your floors, showers, and counters looking “like new” again (85%-95%). This is a great idea for people’s floors that are already ruined by improper methods. Start over fresh!

Don’t forget, there are man-made materials (ceramic, porcelain, and more), and there are natural stone floors (travertine, marble, and more). Determine which floors you have. Natural stone floors require a cleaning product by the name of “neutral cleaner“. It’s the safest product for homeowners to use on natural stone floors.

For more information regarding your floors, as well as learning more from a business that does nothing but hard surface cleaning, visit us at and visit our tips page TODAY! This Blue Dawn product I have personally been recommending for over 20 years!

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How to Make Homemade Grout Cleaner with Blue Dawn (1 More time!)

Making Homemade grout cleaner with blue dawn is quite simple. Use one drop of blue dawn in a 32-ounce trigger bottle and mix with water. Spray on the surface standing up and use a microfiber padded mop as apparatus.

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Here’s a video explaining how to maintain your tile and grout and how easy it is especially with using the blue dawn dish soap and 36″ microfiber padded mop!