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Get professional tile cleaning from a local, owner-operated service in Las Vegas. Each job takes an average of 1.5 hours from start to finish. We specialize in cleaning ceramic, porcelain, and travertine tiles. Our 23 years of experience serving Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas make us experts in the field. Weekend and same-day services are available and the owner will be present on every job. Call us now.

Powerful Indoor Safe Machinery

Our truck-mounted cleaning machinery is designed for safe and effective indoor tile and grout cleaning. With 100K worth of equipment on every job, we guarantee top-notch results.

Indoor Safe Machinery

Why Do it Yourself?

Bring your dirty grout back to life with our must-have professional grout cleaning service. Our safe and effective process will return your tiles and grout to their original, like-new condition. Don’t let stubborn grime hold you back any longer!


Service FAQ's

How Long Does Service Take?

The average tile and grout cleaning service setup to breakdown is 1.5 hours.

What Furniture Should be Removed?

Chairs, area rugs, or anything that is small enough to be removed in all areas requiring cleaning service. I usually ask folks to wait till I show up to make the best recommendations. 

Are your chemicals used  “safe” for indoor use?

All chemicals are safe for indoor use and do not harm families or pets.

How soon can you walk on floors once completed?

You can walk back on your tile grout approximately 10 minutes after completion. Area rugs may require up to 6 hours before being replaced back on floors.

Are the estimate and work done on the same day?

Yes. If we agree on the price for the work, I will be prepared to do the job on the spot! I like killing 2 birds with one stone!

What Days and Times are you available?

I work every day from 7 am to 6 pm daily. Typical time slots are 9:30 am and 12:30 pm I do work weekends!

What form of payments are taken?

Cash, check, charge.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Michael Marcus is always on the job, with a focus on delivering top-notch tile and grout cleaning. He strives to earn your business with respect and professionalism.

Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Latest 5-Star Yelp Review

Michael was great! He communicated well and was easy to talk to. Would highly recommend them to anyone needing their tile cleaned and he is quick to set up a time to come out. My floors look new again! Thank you! Madison T. 

Love to Earn your Business. 702-595-8178 Contact Me via Email Here

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How Service Works - Detailed

Inspection: I will carefully walk through the area(s) of work that you have and see how I can help. Moving furniture usually involves chairs, rugs, and the sliding of couches. 

Once work/price is agreed upon, I will begin setting up the deepest in your home. 

I will gently apply an alkaline-safe floor-cleaning chemical to emulsify to bring grease and grime (black grout) to the top of the surface. I will work up to 1000 square feet. Nylon grit brushes will be used accordingly where the dirtiest of grout persists.

A floor buffer or orbital machine with pads may be brought in to help scrub/clean the floors depending on the overall existing conditions of the material. I will work this machine from the deepest of the home back to whatever door I entered.

Now 2 hoses enter with the tile and grout cleaning tool/attachment where the magic really begins. This tool is the best for removing dirty tiles and grout. Suction and Hot steam are utilized.

The Turbo Tile Cleaning tool is powered by a stationary truck mount located outside (in the van) providing consistent hot steam and suction for removing the filthiest grout you could imagine.

Upon completion, a water-based sealer will be applied covering the tile and grout leaving the floors protected and natural with no coatings or films. Dries within 10 minutes.

Service complete. Payment requested. Done!

Tile and Grout Cleaning Video