Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Sealing grout and tile offers numerous advantages:

Sealing Grout and Tile

  1. Repelling Spills: Sealed grout and tile surfaces repel spills and accidents, preventing them from becoming permanent stains. This is particularly beneficial for various types of floors.

  2. Common Situations: Sealing is beneficial when buying a new home with tile everywhere, purchasing a resale home with dirty grout, or for existing homeowners and businesses looking to maintain clean and unblemished floors.

Here are key facts about sealing grout and tile:

  • No Cleaner: Sealing doesn’t make tile and grout cleaner; it preserves their appearance by keeping substances on the surface and preventing permanent discoloration.

  • Grout Protection: Most tiles are resistant to discoloration, but it’s the grout that needs protection. Even sealed tile and grout can get dirty, while unsealed grout can become permanently discolored.

  • Regular Service: Maintaining floors involves regular cleaning and resealing after each cleaning session. Water-based sealers are preferred for a natural finish.

  • Fluorochemical Sealer: Sealer acts as a fluorochemical, causing spills to bead on the surface. However, certain substances like pool acid or pet accidents can still cause damage, primarily to the grout.

  • Cleaning Products: Using mild cleaning products like diluted dish soap and water can help tackle spills promptly. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach or vinegar, as they can damage grout.

  • Maintenance is Key: While tile and grout can last indefinitely, periodic cleaning and sealing are essential for a consistent appearance. Residential spaces should be serviced annually, while businesses may require biannual maintenance based on traffic.

  • Professional Evaluation: Seek a professional service for an evaluation of your tile and grout. Make sealing a regular habit after cleaning.

In conclusion, sealing grout and tile is crucial for preserving their appearance and preventing permanent discoloration. Regular maintenance is key to achieving a uniform and clean look for your floors. For more information and professional services, visit

  1. Buying a new home/construction with tile and grout everywhere.
  2. Buying a resale home that has filthy tile and grout and was lived in previously by others…
  3. Existing Homeowners and businesses who have filthy tile and grout, and wish to have floors that don’t have permanently discolored grout again.