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Sealing Grout Tile is a Great Idea!

Sealing grout tile can make most (if not all) spills and accidents repel to the top of the surface rather than being embedded permanently. Almost all floors could benefit from sealing your grout and tile and the most common are people in the following situations:

  1. Buying a new home/construction with tile and grout everywhere.
  2. Buying a resale home that has filthy tile and grout and was lived in previously by others…
  3. Existing Homeowners and Business’s who have filthy tile and grout, and wish to have floors that don’t have permanently discolored grout again.

Here are 6 Facts (4 Added) about Sealing your Grout and Tile


  1. Sealer does not keep your tile and grout any cleaner than it was even if the floors are sealed. A sealer’s job is to make the product remain on top (repelling and beading). In turn, preventing permanent embedding of discolored grout.
  2. Most tiles like porcelain, ceramic, and more are impervious to any discoloring. It’s the grout (un-sanded or sanded grout) that needs sealing protection. A typical caller calls me to tell me “their floors are filthy because they believe their floors had never been sealed.” This is a myth. Tile and Grout that is sealed still can get dirty, and unsealed grout can be permanently discolored if not sealed, as well.
  3. Service is the underlying key to maintaining your floors. Each time your floors are cleaned, the sealer must be applied. Water-based sealer preferably,  mainly because it leaves your floors looking natural with no hazes or smears.
  4. Sealer is a fluorochemical and its job is to make most spills and accidents repel to the top of the surface. If wet feet from pools (acid), dog pee, and more hit the surface, these areas can still be affected with un-reversible damage (typically to the grout).
  5. It’s best to keep cleaning products like blue dawn and water (with a clean towel) in an 18-ounce trigger bottle under the sink to get to the spills faster when notice.
  6. Stay away from bleach, vinegar, or any other product that makes claims, or suffer worse damages like deteriorating grout.

The bottom Line is Maintenance. Tile and Grout may last forever, but if you like a uniform appearance, then cleaning and sealing grout tile periodically is key. Residential service should be performed once a year. Business storefronts typically a minimum of twice a year pending on traffic and size of areas.

Call a professional service for an evaluation of your tile and grout. Seal your floors after each cleaning as a habit. “Don’t clean only.”

I am a professional service and have cleaned and sealed over 10,000 jobs in my 19 years of service in the Las Vegas Valley…I have seen it all, learned from each job performed. And conclude that sealing grout tile is a MUST! Get it done today to prevent permanent discoloring.

For more information, and or to schedule your first cleaning and sealing appointment visit TODAY!

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