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Granite Countertop Polishing

Get deep granite countertop polishing service to revitalize your dull granite counters. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and sealing of your granite countertops are critical to protecting your investment. I am ready when you are. Schedule your service today.

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Granite Countertop Renewal

Professional granite polishing is needed when the natural luster of granite fades away. Since each home has unique conditions, the appropriate time for polishing may vary. It’s possible that some homes may require polishing sooner rather than later.

If your granite looks dull, it probably is. Thanks to powerful and advanced cleaning equipment, it is simple to restore your granite to its original, factory-installed condition.

As part of my work, I will use protective penetrating sealers to enhance the shine, color, and durability of your granite. Granite countertops are extremely popular in Las Vegas, NV, and with proper care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

Cleaning Granite Counters
Marble Polishing Tools of the Trade

What Tools are Used for Countertop Polishing

There are many tools, pads, polishes, diamond abrasives, and sealers,  of the trade, and here are a few (as seen in the photo) that may be utilized on your granite counters.

Granite Polishing is a common service that most homes benefit from. Natural stone restoration services can also be utilized for removing heavy scratches and indentations. And will be a separate service. Granite is a very difficult product to scratch so this restorative service is rare.

A consultation will be required to see your particular countertop.

Granite Polishing

Sealing your Granite

Penetrating Sealer is applied after a re-polishing of your granite. This will help maintain the sheen while protecting the porous stone from stains. 

How to Schedule Granite Polishing Service

To schedule, a polishing service call 702-595-8178 Most standard countertops are completed from startup to finish in less than 1.5 hours. Granite Polishing Pricing. For more information and other services offered please visit my main website Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning