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Garden Hose Bibs at Your Home or Office

I clean tile and grout every day and typically most of us tie into homeowners garden hose bibs frequently. Can you see the brass piece where you would screw your hose into? That piece typically corrodes, and fills itself with hard water deposits spraying water everywhere! That particular (back-flush-adapter)has a set screw on the side of it to remove…The adapter should be removed every few years…Find them @ home depot! The backflow adapter is preventing bad water from going back into the water supply (Lake Mead)…??? And is a requirement in Las Vegas, NV to possess. Garden hose bibs corrode fast here in Las Vegas as well…If you see corrosion around the garden hose bibs or, it’s dripping, turning green, it’s time to have it replaced! Don’t fix it with new parts or fittings, just go to Lowe’s or Home Depot, and possibly take the old complete hose bib with you.

Do it Yourself Removal and Replacement of Hose Bibs

Check the rest of the house seeing if there are any others that need to be replaced as well…Make sure the entire home’s water is shut off (typically found at the curb in front of your home) before removing your hose bib. The garden hose bibs could be a “male” versus a “female” thread…If you get bold and want to take off the hose bib for yourself, you may need a compression ring remover in order to remove the old hose bib. Here’s a video I found on youtube!  Hard water has a lot to do with its life…Garden hose bibs are not connected to soft water…You don’t want soft water on your plants.

Bonus Tips:

Don’t roll your garden hose over your hose fitting! (Good way to find your house and yard flooded)

Keep the area where hose bibs are clear! No rose bushes (scratched up arms), fences, anything hanging on them is bad news!

Make sure you buy the right hose bib! They come in many flavors!

Hire a professional Handyman or Plumber if needed! You could flood out you and your neighbors fast!

Reduce the cost of your water bill!

The fitting your hose is on is the cooper, some have enough for years to come for future hose fitting changes, others don’t!

Professional Grout Cleaning Service

For all other questions regarding hose bibs and more (like your tile and grout professionally cleaned and sealed), I’d love to help you out! Just call or visit us today on the web today! Good Luck!

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