Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning and Sealing Tile and Grout in the Home

Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning specializes in cleaning and sealing tile and grout in Las Vegas, NV for over 20 years. Tile and grout is difficult task for most. No matter what you do, your floors are near impossible to keep clean on your own. No matter what happens in your home, almost all filthy tile and grout result from improper chemicals, and wrong cleaning apparatus.

Cleaning tile and grout in your home

Returning your tile and grout in almost all cases results in a like-new appearance. After completing over 10,000 jobs in Las Vegas, NV I have come to the conclusion that cleaning tile and grout with professional machinery and technique is key for not only your aesthetic appearance but the health and welfare of others. I always recommend annual service, as I believe this is the timing when floors get filthy dirty and benefit from having cleaning tile and grout on a routine basis.

Upon cleaning your tile and grout, I apply a water-based sealer to tile and grout where your floors will look natural with no haze or smear. The sealer is virtually invisible. I find water-based sealers fantastic and do the job to make spills and mishaps remain on top of the surface and to prevent embedding (especially in the grout).

Sealer in my professional opinion is vital, especially immediately after a tile and grout cleaning service is performed where your material is fresh and natural with no coatings or films.

Getting in contact with me is easy! Call 702-595-8178 for an immediate message or if you like, you can email me as well with no hard feelings…I get it! I will email you back for service, estimate, or whatever you need! Love to earn your business!

Cleaning and Sealing Tile and Grout at your Business

Cleaning tile and grout at your businesses are vital in Las Vegas, NV

You own a storefront business in Las Vegas, NV. There are tile and grout not only in your open public areas, but restrooms, back rooms, and kitchens. Being overwhelmed with the business. But fail to keep your tile and grout clean and fresh. Tile and grout cleaning at your business is vital. People who visit your location appreciate a clean environment, and your employees will as well.

Maintenance of your tile and grout may require once a month service. Mostly depending on the traffic and daily tile and grout cleaning you currently employ. Hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning service can help you keep your tile and grout cleaner. Sealer once applied prevents permanent discoloration of tile and grout and an overall much cleaner environment.

Please call for an estimate and have immediate cleaning and sealing tile and grout maintenance for your organization! Keep your guest and your staff happy and healthy! You may also email me through my contact form if you like.

How I clean your Tile and Grout

Machinery designed for indoor tile and grout cleaning

Cleaning of your tile and grout requires some umph! Machinery is specially designed for indoor safe tile and grout cleaning. This machinery provides hot steam and suction. A special indoor safe alkaline chemical is applied to emulsify the dirt to the top. Then with the use of pole and hand brushes scrubbing will be required. At times a floor buffer with more aggressive scrubbing action may be required. Finally, the mother of all tile and grout cleaning tools known as a “turbo hybrid tile cleaning tool” dramatically takes your tile and grout back to like new! This tool utilizes hot steam and suction to vanish the dirty grout and nasty soils.

Turbo Hybrid #1 Rated Tile Cleaning Tool in The Industry!