Cleaning Ceramic Tile – Best Method Exposed

Cleaning Ceramic Tile – Best Method Exposed Cleaning ceramic tiles can be one of the easiest jobs. Unfortunately, most if not all, typically use the wrong cleaning chemicals and apparatus creating ugly floors. On a typical house visit, when called upon for professional tile and grout cleaning service, my job is to ask basic problem-solving questions.  […]

Grout Color Sealing Gone Bad

Grout Color Sealing Gone Bad

Grout Color Sealing can be a Bad Idea? Grout color sealing is a coating that covers existing grout in any color. Color sealing grout is a temporary solution to a very difficult unseen problem. Color sealer is produced by many manufacturers with very similar makeup. Ultimately their goal is to convince you as a “consumer” […]

Las Vegas Homes have dirty tile and grout

Las Vegas Homes Overdue for Tile and Grout Cleaning Service?   As a professional tile and grout cleaning service, I see a lot of Las Vegas homes with dirty grout. Tile and Grout in Las Vegas homes in the valley are popular and widely used for many reasons. The main reason for the trend is durability, it […]

Do You Love Your Pets? A Special $50 OFF Contest

Do you love your pets? A Special $50 OFF Contest! Do You Love Your Pets? A Special $50 OFF Contest As a professional tile and grout cleaning service, I run into so many pets people are wanting to show me, or sometimes they just casually introduce themselves to me. All these pets are ADORABLE! I […]

Seal your tile and grout prior to moving in? True or False?

Sealing your tile and Grout prior to you owning your new home a good idea? The seal is a question that comes up often as most people just purchase their dream home with a house full of tile and grout. Sealing is a critical step prior to moving in. Sealing also comes to mind when a remodel […]

Grout Discoloration – The Biggest Misconception

Grout Discoloration Identified Grout discoloration can easily be identified and confused with dirty grout even after a professional tile and grout cleaning service is performed. After 15 years of professional grout cleaning service (over 8000 individual jobs), with the best equipment that money buys, I have come to the conclusion that people’s grout discoloration results in […]

Sealing Grout Tile – 2 Facts From a Expert

Sealing Grout Tile is a Great Idea! Sealing grout tile can make most (if not all) spills and accidents repel to the top of the surface rather than being embedded permanently. Almost all floors could benefit from sealing your grout and tile and the most common are people in the following situations: Buying a new home/construction with […]

Clean dirty grout faster! Hire a professional!

Clean dirty grout faster NOW! Clean dirty grout faster simply by hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning service that has machinery designed specifically for safe indoor service. Most jobs are completed within a 2 hour period (1000 square feet). Just about every floor results in a “night and day difference”! The most popular materials […]

Spring Cleaning top 10 tile and grout cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Top 10 Tips for tile and grout Spring cleaning is typically required on your tile and grout, and here are some fantastic tips from a veteran professional tile and grout cleaning service! If you know you have larger areas, don’t do it yourself, hire a professional, and plan on an annual service period. Tile and grout cleaning […]

Garden Hose Bibs – Grout Cleaning Industry’s Best Friend

Garden Hose Bibs at Your Home or Office I clean tile and grout every day and typically most of us tie into homeowners garden hose bibs frequently. Can you see the brass piece where you would screw your hose into? That piece typically corrodes, and fills itself with hard water deposits spraying water everywhere! That […]