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Michael Marcus

About Michael

With over two decades of experience in the tile and grout cleaning and sealing industry within the Las Vegas Valley, Michael Marcus is a name you can trust right from the start. As the owner and operator, I personally oversee each job, ensuring that all your needs are met. When you choose Michael Marcus (Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning), you’re enlisting the services of a dedicated professional with a wealth of expertise in the field. We’ve successfully completed over 10,000 tile and grout cleaning and sealing projects in the local Las Vegas area. Michael Marcus is not just a service provider; he’s an expert committed to delivering top-notch, quality, and professional results. If having a local owner present during the job is important to you, Michael Marcus is the ideal choice, backed by an outstanding reputation within the Las Vegas Community. I am here to respectfully earn your business.

Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning Personal Guarantee

As the proprietor and operator of a family-run local business, my primary aim is to deliver a service that brings value to you and fulfillment to myself. I am transparent in detailing the steps I take to rejuvenate your tile and grout, striving to restore it as closely as possible to its original condition. Additionally, I provide a complimentary demonstration to showcase the process and the remarkable results right from the start. Rest assured, there is no harm to your grout, baseboards, or any other aspect of your home—I approach your property with utmost care and respect, treating it as if it were my own.

Addressing and rectifying existing issues, such as “permanently discolored grout,” and unforeseen challenges discovered post-completion are areas where I excel. I approach each job with practiced precision, ensuring a comprehensive and effective operation that prioritizes safety and thoroughness. Our equipment and chemicals are specifically crafted for indoor use, featuring cutting-edge technology that sets the industry standard. Transparency is key, as I provide a clear pricing structure before commencing any work, with payment expected upon completion. My commitment extends beyond a one-time service; instead, I aim to establish long-term relationships, recognizing that this is typically an annual service. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to respectfully earn your business, leaving clients impressed with the “night and day difference” right from the start!

Negative Reviews – “My side of the story”

Being in business for over 25 years (10,000 Jobs on every Job) in Las Vegas, NV has brought me to answer a handful of the “negative reviews” I have received over the years in my words…I will start with my oldest negative review first:


Removal of grout and overcharging…

The real story that I can tell in detail is before starting the job I noticed areas of pre-existing grout missing which with less than a 3/8″ grout line is common…Even if the grout was less than 1 year installed. The 10 pictures shown, were actual photos of grout missing that I believe we’re all the areas out of approximately 1000 square feet…The claim was 30% of grout missing (that I caused) which I equate to less than .05% of the area serviced…In addition before even starting this job, she pointed out grout that was smudged on top of the tile itself by the stove from the installer who did the work (1 year earlier) The client claimed she tried everything to remove it but wouldn’t budge…A simple putty knife carefully scraped it off…

Typically if I were the person with the machinery who noticed I was doing harm (removing grout) I would have put down the tools and politely walked over to the client explaining that I was doing more harm than good…The machinery being used is designed for indoor tile and grout cleaning and doesn’t have enough pressure to mark, etch, or dig grout out.

More than likely the causes of missing grout are ground movement, poor installation, a chemical usage that can disintegrate grout lines (vinegar and Clorox).

I am extremely sorry for the whole situation as I have pictures of this job as well! The difference was night and day. There were unfortunate areas of grout, but few, or typical with these “unsanded” grout joints. Grout joints can be filled with grease and grime noticing all areas of missing grout before me doing the work…

When it comes to money, I carefully tell folks what I charge BEFORE any work begins and collect money at the end of the job. I don’t gauge, I tell folks what they have, they agree or don’t agree, and I come to a reasonable price that makes both parties happy…


Overcharging and a Big Rip Off!

This client was extremely upset due to an issue regarding measurement and how much he paid. After numerous return calls, this client refused to answer the phone regarding this problem. He wished to smear my name for no given reason. The price is given and agreed upon before I start, and I collect money upon completion of work.

The client asked “How dirty is my tile and grout” after I completed the work. My answer was, 1 out of 10 if ten was the worst your floors were a 3…That aggravated him apparently cause I told him the truth! I tell people like it is.

Sad, I lost a client, and I regret it deeply.


Aggressive and Bad Attitude

I am an owner/operator who is excited about what I do, and how I can make a difference. Make no mistake, if you’re not satisfied call me back in a reasonable amount of time (within a year) and I will do what it takes to make anyone happy. 5 years later a message like this one, really confuses me. This complaint was regarding a job in 2010…I did return the call, however, the number I have on file was disconnected…Please call me if you’re reading this…

There you have it folks, 3 terrible reviews that I can’t change…Jokingly I tell my wife I usually meet at least 1 a year…2 this year (2017) I did overturn an issue with a client regarding discolored grout lines as pre-existing grout lines are un-reversible.

Not bad for just over 20 years! I admit I’m not perfect, I am human, I provide for a family, I am a veteran, and lastly, I’m very fair! I want to make friends, not enemies!


Destroyed Grout and Rude Person

This story/rant was written by a person who was far from the truth. If a tool ruined this person’s grout based on (bogus photos) was true, I would have put down the tools and walked over to the client and alerted them.  Did I mention this was a brand new home never lived in? The floors were being cleaned to seal…

During and at the end of this job these clients were watching every move I did in their new home and were friendly and happy with the service I provided. I found the wrong person to work for and regret ever taking on his job. I saw the red flags at the beginning but decided to continue even at a discount before the work even began.

They described me as rude, a scam artist, and providing bad workmanship…I am exactly the opposite. I have a very friendly tone and bring the most effective tile and grout cleaning tools you can get in the industry! Tools are replaced and like new when in use! 

In the end, the money was returned to the client as the client disputed the charge and was awarded the cashback.

My reputation stands with an unfortunate handful of people I can’t do right for out of 10,000 jobs completed in Las Vegas, NV over now 22 years…I don’t claim to be perfect, I do make mistakes, and learn fast, but I also do what it takes to make friends and not enemies. 


“Complete Waste of Money”

Michael McGrath – This review reflects the customer’s perspective and was unwarranted. He claimed my service was “horrible,” despite hiring me to “clean and seal” his showers—not to restore his natural stone from grout residue left over from his installation. He also suggested that the grout along the edges of his showers should have been “cleaned” more thoroughly…I repeatedly told him what I did, but still was upset. He was very demanding and unfriendly.

In the end, Michael McGrath threatened both me and my helper, saying he would go online to bad mouth us and my business…

When I first arrived at his home, I explained the services I could provide and the associated costs before I began. However, he later changed his attitude, claiming that I “did nothing” and did not remove the grout and caulk from his shower floor…

This gentleman is a Las Vegas Real Estate Realtor, and I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone. He acts like a little Napoleon, giving unrealistic orders and then going online to spread negativity…

He also commented on my machinery and accused me of bragging about it. I have no idea what he meant by that statement. For clarity, I’m in the cleaning business, not the construction trade…
He did end up paying me (though I didn’t demand payment). He wrote the check, threw it at me, and said, “I will never refer you to anyone, and I will go online to tell people what a bad business person you are…”

I apologize for our disagreements. If I had to do it over again, I would have turned down his job immediately!