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11 Tile and Grout Cleaning Products You Want To Stay FAR Away From

Terrible products used on this tile and grout

Don't use or expect discoloration, filming coating, and disintegration.

The 11 terrible tile and grout cleaning products you’ll find almost in every home. These products ruin your tile and grout and include filming, grease, and grime that seem near impossible to remove. The best remedy is to toss it in the trashcan.

Here are the Awful Products you must Stop Using:


Bleaches grout to the point of irreversible discoloration. Extremely Common. and found in EVERY home!


Etches grout to the point of disintegration and discoloring is also a characteristic.


Makes your tile and grout filthier faster! Pad is toilet paper-thin with nasty layering filming chemicals in wipes.


Talk about horrible filming…This product will turn your floors into an ice skating rink! All Rejuvenate products are terrible!

Quick Shine

Typically people are trying to change the appearance of ceramic and porcelain tile! Do not change your materials…This glossy product will ruin your floors.


Layering film residue from hell! House Keepers’s go-to product! (Keep in toilets, bathtubs, and sinks)


Another favorite household cleaner that layers residue on the floor creates sticky unwanted floors…

Grout Whitener

Grout will be discolored to a different color (the lightest) with repeated use! The ACID will eventually crumble your grout.

High Gloss Sealer

Topical, and slippery to the point of an ice skating rink! Peels and uplifts requiring Floor Restoration! Special chemicals are involved to remove.

Muriatic Acid

Please keep Muriatic Acid outside by the pools…Not meant for indoors. Will deteriorate grout fast (first use)!

Floor Stripper

Should only be used by professionals. There are safe floor strippers for indoors, however, most have the “unsafe” version.


For more information regarding tile and grout cleaning products visit Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning today! If you’re experiencing any or all the problems mentioned in this article, please seek a professional tile and grout cleaning service sooner than later! In most cases, early prevention can save a lot of potential permanent problems that can get costly to restore!

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