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At Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning I am dedicated in helping you getting your tile and grout cleaning project completed effectively and efficiently. This cleaning process (hot steam, suction, and safe indoor alkaline based chemicals) takes your filthy dirty tile and grout and returns it to “like new”. Clear water based sealer is then applied to help keep your floors looking beautiful. If you like a “tile and grout” makeover, you’ve come to the right place! I return the ugliest dirty tile and grout back to new.

Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

I offer the most technologically advanced machinery in the business. This Machinery is designed to work indoors, and is safe for the purpose of indoor tile and grout cleaning.

I service all ceramic, porcelain, travertine, Mexican, Saltillo, marble, and more surfaces.

Floors, counters and shower stalls.

I am a Nevada Licensed and Insured business in Clark County, Nevada since 2001.

Over 8000 Individual Jobs Completed!

Clark County Licensed – State Licensed  – Liability Insurance – Hartford

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 What Type of Tile Do You Have?

Here’s my 3 Most Common I Clean and Restore…

I see many types of tile and by far the most popular is Porcelain Tile. Porcelain tile is the #1 most widely used flooring I see. Mainly because of it’s nearly unbreakable surfaces, as well as it’s natural look and feel that mimics natural stone. This material typically cleans up beautifully no matter how filthy it gets.

Ceramic Tile is still widely produced and typically is a more cost effective material. Ceramic tile can chip and crack if something heavy drops to the floors, as well as stain and mar faster. This tile can mimic porcelain or natural stone. This is the #2 tile I see regularly and again, cleans up beautifully!

Travertine Tile (Softest of the Marble family) can be one of the most difficult to maintain as a homeowner, and requires annual service at a minimum. The travertine surface acts like a sponge, that makes it very difficult to keep clean. I find most homeowners and business using the wrong chemicals and apparatus to maintain these floors. Which ultimately leads to filthier floors faster! This is Natural Stone, as it scratches and indents easily…Typical stone restoration is possible within a 5-8 year period…Most economical service is to clean and seal.

Latest Yelp Reviews

He showed up on time… Was very reasonable with his prices and he does great work. But his professional attitude is what set him above the rest of the people I contacted. Ray W.

Great job Michael. They were on time, the price was right and the floors look great! I would not hesitate to call Michael again, and will when we clean our tile and grout next year! Really satisfied!! Clark W.

I had Michael come to clean my disgusting tile and grout and I actually never thought  they were so dirty! All I have to say is WOW, holy crap, my floors recovered like he told me they would and actually I’ll never have shoes or bare feet on my floors again! I also got lots of tips to help prevent future problems on my floors! This guy is very trustworthy, I really don’t like just anyone in my house! Hire Michael as he is first class. Nina T. 

Google+ Reviews

We had LV T&G come over after a water break that pretty much destroyed our kitchen and dining room tile. We thought for sure that we’d need to replace it. But, no, they did a GREAT job, not only salvaged the tile saving us thousands of dollars, but it looks, frankly, better then it did when it was new 15 years ago! I’ll probably have them come in every 2 years or so going forward and do the entire house just to keep things brand spanking new. Great job!!! Gary Austin

A great, honest locally owned business. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to friends and family. Great work ethic, friendly and dependable. Adam Strange

Setup and Ready on your very first Tile and Grout Cleaning + Sealing appointment!

As owner of Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning, my job is to make your tile and grout cleaning experience fast and effective. After 15+ years in the service industry business, my method for earning your business is quite clear. I am on every job to ensure you get a quality and effective service as described. I am rehearsed in making people happy. We will be friends for life! I thank you for the opportunity in advance!

If your looking for an estimate, you’ll get one! Typically as a owner/operator, what I’ll do is come and take a look at what you have that needs to be done, and if we see eye to eye on a price, I will go to work immediately. I am setup and ready for any tile and grout cleaning service upon our first meeting.

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Thank you for the opportunity! Look forward in earning your business respectfully!

Michael Marcus – Owner/Operator – Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

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