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So, so happy we called Mike to come check out our filthy tile. He called us an hour before his scheduled time just to tell us he would be there on time, if not a bit early.

When he got there, he took a look, gave his recommendation, and quoted us a nice price. He and his partner Enrique were able to start right then and there! It took them about an hour and a half to do our whole house (only the bedrooms are carpeted).

The difference between the tile before and after is jaw dropping. I had no idea that's what our tile was even supposed to look like when he was done! Sparkling white, clean grout lines...they look brand spanking new.

Mike is a really great, personable guy. He talked to my husband the whole time he was working, as if they were old buddies catching up. He is easy to talk to, trustworthy, and very confident and proud of his work (as he should be).

I would definitely recommend LV Tile and Grout!

Alexis K., Las Vegas, NV

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Got Travertine?

Dirty Travertine Kitchen

Dirty Travertine Kitchen

Travertine Tile and Grout can be one of the most difficult to maintain as a homeowner, and requires annual service at a minimum. This surface acts like a sponge, and makes it very difficult to keep clean. I find most homeowners using improper chemicals, and wrong cleaning apparatus. Which leads to filthier floors faster. Typical service (and most economical) includes cleaning and sealing. There our other services that may be needed down the road (scratching, indenting) which includes natural stone refinishing. This is the most common natural stone material I find. This material cleans up beautifully, and typically requires a 2 part cleaning service. This material is a interior decorators dream, and not so typically family friendly...

Our Services:

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ceramic, Porcelain, Travertine, Marble, Granite, and more!

Tile and Grout Sealing

All floors, counters and showers.

Grout Color Sealing

All man made and natural hard surfaces.

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Dirty Kitchen Grout

Notice the "template" of a darker area vs. lighter area that was just cleaned! Kitchen floors get the filthiest as well as being the highest traffic area in the home! The black tool (Turbo Hybrid) in the photo does all the magic, and is ignited by the most powerful machinery in the business!

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

All Major Credit Cards Accepted


Meet the Owner!

Michael Marcus - Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Michael Marcus - Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

I have been in the tile and grout cleaning/sealing business in the Las Vegas Valley since 2001. 100% Tile and Grout Cleaning + Sealing Service. All hard surfaces. A NV resident since 1990. "Every job results in a "Night and Day Difference". I am here to earn your business respectfully. A local Las Vegas business you can trust!

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Got Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain Tile and Grout

Porcelain Tile and Grout

Porcelain Tile is the #1 most widely used flooring I see. Mainly because of it's nearly unbreakable surfaces, as well as it's natural look and feel that mimics natural stone. This material typically cleans up beautifully no matter how filthy it gets!

Here's a few basic Questions I'll ask when you make your first phone call to me? Not a requirement but helpful for estimation. If no idea, I'll walk you through the questions!  Call 702-595-8178 NOW!

    1. Approximately how many square feet do you have?
    2. One Story or Two Story?
    3. What kind of Material? Porcelain, Ceramic, Travertine...
    4. Is the property within 300' from the street?
    5. How soon would you like service?

We Service Clark County, Nevada

Las Vegas, Summerlin, Green Valley, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Anthem, Seven Hills,Southern Highlands, McDonald Ranch, Peccole Ranch, Aliante, Red Rock, Spring Valley, Lynnbrook, The Lakes, Sun City, Spanish Hills, Spanish Trails, Green Valley Ranch, South Valley Ranch, Rhodes Ranch, Madeira Canyon, Anthem Highlands, Inspirada, Silverado Ranch, Centennial Hills, Providence, Mountains Edge, Tournament Hills, Lake Las Vegas, and more!

Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning has all the knowledge of tile and grout cleaning + sealing on all hard surfaces. I am an honest, fair and trustworthy local Las Vegas business looking for new challenges everyday. Why hire anyone else? I am the Owner/Operator and I do all the work.

Tip#1: Never wear shoes or walk around in bare feet. Wear clean cotton socks only! Your floors will stay cleaner, longer!

Tip #2: Stop using ALL swifter mops and steam mops! This is the reason I am so busy! Call me for the proper method!

Tip #3: Almost every chemical you buy, is layering a film over your tile and grout. Stay away from ALL! When in doubt give me a call...Blue Dawn is my go to product for home use. Picks up grease and grime as well as leaves very little residue!

How I Price?

Typically pricing is based on per square feet (10'x10' area = 100sf), first floor verses second, occupied verses vacant, how dirty is the tile and grout, topical coatings, and more. No 2 homes or businesses are alike. I used to tell people I can't see things from over the phone, however, in today's world via cell phones, you really can through webcams...If you seem to wanna give me a call, I currently use an IPHONE for everyday use, show me what you got through a Video chat /Face time and More... 702-595-8178 Still, by far, the most popular way is for me to walk thru what you have that needs to be done, and if we see eye to eye I typically will be there to earn your business respectfully!

Our Operation!

Tile and Grout Cleaning Machine

Tile and Grout Cleaning Machine

Technologically advanced machinery designed to safely clean your tile and grout in the most effective and efficient way!

Big Truck

Got Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic Tile and Grout

Ceramic Tile is still widely produced and typically is a more cost effective material. This tile can chip and crack if something heavy drops to the floors, as well as stain and mar faster. This tile can mimic porcelain or natural stone. This is the #2 Tile I see regularly and again, cleans up beautifully!

Real Results in 

Less than



(Set-up to Break-Down!)

Ceramic, Porcelain, Travertine, Marble, Limestone, and more Hard Surfaces!


5 Immediate Benefits of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning 

1. Aesthetically improving the appearance of your tile and grout.

2. Removal of what appears to be grimy dirt in the "grout lines" (usually black in color).

3. Removal of foul odors.

4. Sealing to protect your floors from permanent embedding (repel and beading).

5. Increasing the value of a home before it is sold!

Selling a home? Buying a Home? Renting a Home?

(Attention Real Estate Agents)

Sellers increase value! - Buyers have improved confidence! - Renters gain a healthy environment!

Same Day Service - Open 7 Days - Call Anytime - Fully Licensed and Insured

Upon Completion of the job, snap a picture with your I-Phone or digital camera and evaluate the differences to determine when it's time for re-cleaning your tile and grout. Most clients like to have their floors re-cleaned and sealed annually, and you will too!

MicroFiber Padded Mop

The "Mercedes Benz" of Micro Fiber Padded Mops!!

(Don't forget the pads and the pole)

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