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Are you looking for a Reputable Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Service in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning is dedicated in helping you getting your tile & grout cleaning or sealing project completed effectively and efficiently. This cleaning process (hot steam, suction, and safe indoor alkaline based chemicals) takes your filthy dirty tile and grout and returns it to “like new”. Clear water based sealer is then applied to help keep your floors looking beautiful. If you like a “tile and grout” makeover, you’ve come to the right place!

Call or Text to Schedule NOW!! Text! 702-595-8178 Same Day Service Possible! Weekends Available! I may be in your neighborhood today.

Michael Marcus | Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning

Setup and Ready for work on Every call! Owner on Every Job!

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service takes Filthy, Dirty, Tile and Grout back to “Like New” FAST! I use specially designed machinery (indoor safe) and tools to remove black grout, soils, dirt, grease, grime, pet odor, sickness, and more. Hand scrubbing of grout lines with grout brushes is also necessary as well.


Here’s a few basic questions I’ll ask when you make your first phone call to me. Not a requirement, but helpful for estimation. If no idea, I’ll walk you through the questions!

  1. Approximately how many square feet do you have? Compare your area to sizes of 2 car garages which are usually 500 sf (25 x 25).
  2. One Story or Two? Overall Home Square Feet?
  3. What kind of Material? Porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, etc. Porcelain Tile is by far the MOST popular!
  4. Is the project within 300′ where I’ll enter? I usually enter thru a front entrance or garage.
  5. How soon would you like service? Believe it or not, it’s possible for same day service.

*When I answer the phone, it will be I who does all the work. Not just anyone I happen to hire or sub work to…I am an owner/operator, as someone who is familiar with the hard surface industry (over 8000 individual tile and grout cleaning jobs) This is what separates me from others…

The sealer I use is a water based Dupont safe product specifically designed for indoor use. It is immediately applied after a professional tile and grout cleaning,  and leaves your floors looking natural with no haze or smear. There is no smell or odor. Dries within 5-10 minutes to touch. Sealer is a fantastic product for making most products that may drop on your tile or grout repel and bead to the top, and not embed permanent discoloring of ugly grout.
Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning (Floors, counters, shower stalls, and more!)

Professional Tile and Grout Sealing (All hard surfaces both horizontal and vertical)

Residential or Commercial

Porcelain, Ceramic, Travertine, Marble, Saltillo, Mexican, and More!
Typically we charge by the square foot and only for the surface area we clean. Prices include moving of furniture (when needed). Baseboards or other delicate areas are in no danger as all chemicals/sprays are contained and controlled. Cleaning and Sealing are typically one price as well. Our minimum charge for work is 400 square feet or less. Call for more information regarding your particular job.
In most situations, from start to finish, on average, 1000 square feet, tile and grout cleaning plus sealing should take us less than 1.5 hours setup to breakdown, It is very effective and efficient.

A Micro Fiber Padded Mop is the best possible tool you can use to clean your tile and grout with. Follow this Link (Click Here) and be amazed with the ease of cleaning your floors. Just about every other tool will get your tile and grout filthier than it was to begin with. This micro fiber padded mop is used for required “maintenance” in any setting.

Mr Marcus was a Great Professional Person to meet. We had a tuff dirty floor and he came in and done an excellent job and even took time to explain whats best for cleaning the tile and keep it like new. Thank You so much Michael for a wonderful Job.
Aaron C Emanuel, Facebook
We had our tile and grout cleaned again by Michael…Same results as last time, AWSOME! We have brown porcelain tile and grout that just gets filthy fast, we tried wearing socks on our feet…It still doesn’t work! Once a year grout cleaning seems like a great idea! He always gives us great advice and tips, as well as having a great attitude! Thank you Michael! We will be calling you back, and refer you to others!
Rick Staley, Facebook
I had Michael come to clean my disgusting tile and grout and I actually never thought they were so dirty! All I have to say is WOW, holy crap, my floors recovered like he told me they would and actually I’ll never have shoes or bare feet on my floors again! I also got lots of tips to help prevent future problems on my floors! This guy is very trustworthy, I really don’t like just anyone in my house! Hire Michael as he is first class.
Nina T., Yelp
Mike came at the time he said he would be there. He did an excellent job at a more than fare price.
Fred S., Yelp
We had LV T&G come over after a water break that pretty much destroyed our kitchen and dining room tile. We thought for sure that we’d need to replace it. But, no, they did a GREAT job, not only salvaged the tile saving us thousands of dollars, but it looks, frankly, better then it did when it was new 15 years ago! I’ll probably have them come in every 2 years or so going forward and do the entire house just to keep things brand spanking new. Great job!!!
Gary Austin, Google+
A great, honest locally owned business. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to friends and family. Great work ethic, friendly and dependable.
Adam Strange, Google+
Michael came out on a Sunday! I really appreciated that. He is a good guy and stands behind his work. He and his team take pride in their work.
Jill S., Yelp